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Hi! I'm Eric,the guy behind howtotao.com.Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions or concerns regarding taobao.

Taobao USA

Country Forwarder Local Courier First kg(RMB) Next 0.5kg(RMB) Size Limit Weight Limit USA JCEX Jiacheng International UPS 110 26 Single Side: ≤80cm Total: ≤150cm 32kg JCEX Jiacheng International USPS 82 22 Single Side: ≤152cm Total: ≤274cm 30kg Zhongshan courier USPS/DHL 105 25 Single Side: ≤120cm Total: ≤200cm 30kg Sources: Taobao.com …

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How to Buy Directly from Taobao – Updated for 2017

Shopping directly at Taobao.com is an intriguing experience. While more faint-hearted shoppers may never leave the comfort of a taobao agent’s website, adventurous e-consumers will jump at the chance to shop direct. Direct shopping will save you money. You’ll avoid agent’s fees of up to 10% and you’ll save the …

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How Do I Use My Taobao Coins?

Taobao coin is the point accumulation system on Taobao.com, whereby through each transaction you can earn Taobao coins. V1-V3 Taobao members can collect up to 20 Taobao coins each day, V4-V5 members up to 30 coins, and V6 members 40 coins. These Taobao coins can be redeemed for cash rebate …

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How to Extend the Payment Period in Taobao?

Taobao system will automatically confirm the reception of goods after a certain period of time depending on the product category. The payment will be released to the seller. If the confirmation deadline is approaching but you have not received your goods, you may extend the deadline when there are only 3 …

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