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WARNING! G20 Summit May Affect Your Taobao Shopping


G20 Summit will be held on September 4 and 5 in Hangzhou,Zhejiang.The local government has taken a series of measures to provide a safer environment for this summit,

one of the measures is stricter parcel inspection,which means many many parcels will be detained or held.

here are two things I recommend you not do from Aug. 22 to Sep. 7

1.Don’t buy from sellers that are located in Hangzhou.

2.Don’t use forwarders whose warehouse are located in Hangzhou.

JCEX told me they will severely examine every parcel.if you buy replicas,liquid stuff etc,they will hold it.

Here is the Taobao official announcement in Chinese:


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  1. Hi Eric, is it safe to use JceX warehouse now if i am purchasing replicas?

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