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SGshop Review: Is It a Safe and Good Singapore Taobao Agent?

sgshop-reviewSGshop is the “most reliable & cost effective taobao agent” since 2011(their words, not mine) and they are dedicated to provide reliability, safety, cost effective and outstanding service. As the name implies, SGshop serves the Singapore and Malaysia market. It is not equipped to act as an agent for other international buyers.

In this review we will guide you through all major SGshop services and discuss the pros and cons of using this platform.

#1. Is Their Website Easy To Use And Navigate?

Exploration of SGshop begins on the homepage. First stop is an alternating full-screen graphic about fairly uninteresting topics: an incentive program to earn SGD$30; economy airfreight options; economic shipment by sea; the phrase SGshop “Easy Click”; details on order self-collection points at Japan Home stores; and an outdated Mother’s Day contest.

The most accessible feature of the SGshop website is its Shopping Guide, an interactive powerpoint-like demonstration similar to what high-end shopping agents like BuyChina offer.

#2. What Service Do They Offer?

Two specific services are available from SGshop: “Ship for Me” and “Buy for Me”,

“Ship for Me” offers no agency intervention in a customer’s direct order to China other than receipt and forwarding of goods. There is no service charge for this process.Yoybuy,another taobao agent,provides the simliar service.

“Buy for Me”, on the other hand, offers full agency support, including communication with and purchase from third-party sellers on Taobao (or similar), with consolidation/repacking of goods for shipment, and representation of the customer to the vendor in the event of post-sale issues. All these helping-hands come with an SGshop service charge from 4-8% of the goods’ cost + domestic shipping.

Pre-shipping photography and through inspection are available at an extra charge, as is a vacuum-pack service to minimize the shipping volume of bulky soft items like pillows or stuffed toys.

You get SMS notifications about successful credit top-ups into your account, when there’s a problem with your order (specifications, shipping, etc), when payment has been confirmed, when the order has arrived in SG, etc.

#3. Which Payment Method Do They Support?

Ordering and payment to SGshop take place in an online account environment much like the one that large western ecommerce sites use, with the familiar shopping cart, account access and customer profile. iBanking, Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay International, eNets and PayPal are all options with which to top up balances. The majority of these are subject to extra transaction fees.

As with most Chinese shopping agents, two separate payments are required, the first following arrival of all goods at the SGshop warehouse, and the second, covering the international shipping charges, upon dispatch of goods to Singapore.

#4. How Is Their International Shipping?

The shipment methods SGshop offers are extremely region-specific and offer an insight into the major markets that SGshop serves:

  • Express Air(DHL)
  • Economy Air
  • Special Air
  • Sea Shipment
  • Economy Sea

Once into the site, however, a tip-top selection of delivery options makes SGshop a stand-out in terms of economy.Budget Delivery sends a 3kg parcel for the nice price of SGD$3.90 – a bargain! Even smarter is the free self-collection option at a designated Singapore MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) station, accompanied by SMS notification of availability. Or self-collection at one of 20+ Japan Home stores throughout the city. Customers yearning for a more personal contact with their SGshop friends can even pick up their order at the company’s warehouse.

#5. How Is Their Customer Support?

The Customer Service team obviously places great importance on the provider-customer relationship, offering extended business hours (Monday –Friday til 8:30pm, Saturday til 5pm), a customer service phone hotline and email address, even an office/warehouse address in Singapore together with public transport details. A personal email address of an SGshop colleague is a contact for all “complaints and compliments”.

#6. What Is Other Customer’s Feedback About SGshop?

Reviews by experienced SGshop users have been posted indicating their satisfaction.They all praise the SGshop’s staff service and ability to resolve issues quickly and to customer satisfaction. here are some of the helpful reivews:

tippytapp: Shopping On Taobao With SGshop

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Chloe: SGShop – Stay at home and shop around the world [Review]

The Cambelles: Review: SGShop – Make Purchases On Chinese E-Shopping Sites With Ease

truthfullyus: SGShop Review [ Shopping Taobao in Singapore ]

The following video shows you how SGshop works

SGshop Review: Conclusion

SGshop is a reliable agent with good word-of-mouth. They have easy to use website, quick and effective customer service with some very personalised service.

Overall rating for SGshop is 4.9/5 stars and it is a highly recommended agent for Singaporeans.

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  1. They used to be very good, but this is a thing of the past. Maybe you should update your review?

    In recent shopping experience (march 2017), I deeply regretted using them instead of Ezbuy. Ordered on 20 something March and 2 weeks later, most of my orders were still “purchased”. No one from SgShop had bothered trying to contact the taobao sellers to see if they were sending the orders!! Can you believe it?? Contact them and only then did they bother to check with the taobao sellers about the progress of the orders.

    Shipping fee also very expensive as the way they calculate the parcel weight somehow adds to a lot. Don’t think they’re very honest

  2. Horrible, very slow agent, I should read up before using their service.

  3. I have no idea how SGShop got 4.9/5 stars rating. We are consumers and we ship items from many other service providers to know which one is reasonable and which is dishonest. I got 2 floor mats and they told me both weigh about 10kg together. They said they repacked together and for that it weighs another 1kg plus extra. I thought they were supposed to repack to make it more space and cost saving, how did it end up weighing more? I did Sea Shipping thinking it was cheaper. But when I received the item and I was shocked. The item did not weigh 11 plus kg, which I was charged. When I weighed it, it was only 2.8kg. And the packaging was simple and looks like what it was when they received in their warehouse China. I got items direct from Taobao before and the packaging looks exactly like it. They painted all the nice rates and prices on the page but they inflate the weight exorbitantly. I am done with them after I have my last items received. Although I have my gripes about Ezbuy, I think they are still reasonable. SGShop however, is shameless and unethical.

  4. Bad experience with SGSHOP!
    They can delay placing my “11/11” order, force me to pay for the price difference due to their delay/mistake!!

  5. I will never use SGSHOP again, after order collect money fast and when come to delivery really really suck. First make arranged with their budget delivery and they told me after 2nd payment within 3 days will recieve it. But on the 3rd day I wait whole and yet nothing deliver to me.

    Now second time, I arranged with budget delivery with selected timing from 10 to 2pm. Again I wait until 2.12pm no one call me to inform. I wait the whole morning for no reason. I message SGSHOp CS service really I totally give up. Keep telling me still wait the delivery guy reply. As we know when customee start complain no one will response to their call or email. End up SGSHOP message me this.

    sorry, we cannot confirm the delivery time….

  6. Highly unreliable when it comes to shipping. I had a parcel that was delayed by more than a week.

    After that, SGshop allowed me to choose the day & time of delivery, but they don’t adhere to the timing at all. Requested for the parcel to be delivered after 6pm, but the delivery man came in the morning. Since no one was around, he just placed my parcel at my doorstep.

    Customer service just told me that they outsource delivery, hence cannot help me with this problem.

    Well goodbye SGshop. Not using you again…

  7. I totally agree with you suewang! I am now having a nightmare. Wish I read your comments before I made my purchases. Now I really regret. It’s true, SGshop is a scam and try to manipulate people to make payment and more payment and even more payment….even for storage when they are the ones who delay. Now I’m just playing along and see what is their next move. I really hope the police or authorities will clamp down on them and CLOSE THEM DOWN!!

  8. i am from shanghai .i living singapore for 8 years already .i am doing online marketing .run my own busniess .i found SG shop to check some question abt the shipping information .i dont think sg shop is a good taobao agent .they said they charge 8%for the service .but not only this charge they still charge other fee .but charge the reason is pay singapore custen.its very easy to find out the custen charge how much from .so everybody should be carefully .this is cheat money !!!!u guys go singapore custen check n u will understand everything …hehe…..