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China EMS

Updated on September 5, 2019

EMS international express is a special service offered by Universal Postal Union. In many countries, EMS items enjoy preferential processing by the Posts, Customs, and Airlines. It also provides multiple types of tracking and inquiry services. To date, China Express Mail Service has established business connections with more than 200 countries and regions. EMS is now one of the most widely used methods by cross-border sellers to transit their goods.

how much does EMS cost to my country from China?

The shipping fee of EMS is calculated based on per 0.5 kg rate, whereby fee is charged on every additional 0.5 kg. Each parcel shall not exceed 30 kg. For instance, the first 0.5 kg of a 5-kg parcel will be charged 150 yuan while each subsequent 0.5 kg will be charged 30 yuan. The total shipping fee would be: 150+(5×2-1)×30=420 yuan.

How long does EMS take to ship from china to my country ?

Country Estimated Time
Southeast Asia 3-8 days
USA/Canada 5-8 days
Europe 4-9 days
Australia & New Zealand 5-9 days
South Asia 6-10 days
Middle East 7-12 days
South America 8-12 days
Africa 8-12 days

What is the maximum weight and size of package I can send?

EMS weight limit per parcel is : 30kg

EMS volume restrictions are based on the restrictions of the local postal services:


United States: length <= 1.5m, length + width <= 2.75m

Japan: length <= 1.8m, length + width <= 3m


EMS possesses strong custom clearance capability. It is suitable for transporting branded items, batteries, mobile phones, MP3, MP4, etc. As shipping fee is independent of the item size, it is suitable for light weight but bulky items.

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