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TaobaoSpree Review: Is it Legit, Safe & Trustworthy?

Updated on January 22, 2016

taobaospree-reviewTaobaoSpree.com has been around for quite some time (since 2009), attesting to its popularity and success as a shopping service agent. Facilitating purchases by overseas shoppers buying Chinese products is their one and only business. TaobaoSpree prides itself on “Being a Good Agent”. And judging from shopper feedback, they accomplish this with flying colors.

In this review we will guide you through all major TaobaoSpree features and discuss the pros and cons of using this agent.

#1. Is Their Website Easy Of Use?

Helpful tips included on the website include links and teaching pages for translation tools; size conversion charts for men’s and women’s clothing and shoes, and links to shipment tracking. Sue, the boss of this amazing business, has truly thought of everything the international shopper may need.

And the process is so transparent, from the colorful cartoon imagery depicting ordering procedure on the TaobaoSpree homepage, down to the attentive communication from customer service reps.

#2. Is It Easy to Order via TaobaoSpree?

you need to download the Excel order form to fill in your information, the products links and their prices. You can find the links here.there is no unwieldy online registration or password creation needed.Taobaospree had a more tedious spreadsheet order form you would have to use to submit your order.

Customers can request that photos be taken of their ordered items prior to shipping, and service reps are happy to comply, sending these on to customers, schedule permitting.

To protect against glaring purchase mishaps, TaobaoSpree happily has a robust returns/exchanges policy in place too.

#3. How Much Do They Charge For Their Service?

Taobaospree has a 10% shopping service fee with a minimum of 50 Chinese yuan (about US$ 8),which is pretty standard among most shopping services.Optional insurance runs 5% of the total cost.

#4. What Payment Methods Do They Accept?

TaobaoSpree accepts PayPal (also including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and AmEx) in US$ for US customers; otherwise HK$. Western Union, MoneyGram and bank transfer also accepted.

#5. What Shipping Methods Do They Offer?

Customers choose from a wide variety of shipping options, including the Chinese courier service EMS; international shippers DHL, Fedex, UPS and TNT, China Post (insurance not available with this service) and, through special arrangement, HKEMS, Asia Special Line and European Special Line. A special promotion entitles the shopper to a 40% discount on each order shipped via EMS.

#6. How’s TaobaoSpree’s Customer Support?

TaobaoSpree.com offers a variety of contact methods including e-mail to one’s personal agent; Facebook messaging; Twitter; and a dedicated feedback webpage. There’s even a “live help” app.TaobaoSpree team is available from 9am to 6pm Monday-Friday and endeavors to answer all e-mails as quickly as possible.

Every customer has a dedicated agent who is available for one-on-one communication via e-mail. (Customer service agents Cici and Ray appear to be long-time members of the organization, again reflecting the high standard of this company.)

Obviously keen to engage customers and cultivate an ongoing relationship, TaobaoSpree hosts a lively Facebook page, offers monthly giveaways of client products like kitchenware, and spotlights a NewsFeed on their homepage informing of anomalies in business hours or shipping schedules due to local Chinese holiday.

#7. What Their Customers Say About TaobaoSpree?

Some of their customers shared their experience with TaobaoSpree,and I’ve picked some of them,you can view their opinion before you take further action.

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Check out this video to see How to order from taobao spree.

TaobaoSpree Review: Conclusion

TaobaoSpree is a robust agent with good word-of-mouth. Its most positive sides are quick responses,friendly customer support and speed of service. However, the shopping service fee is fairly high and the order process is debatable,some think their ordering process is simple and easy to use,some think spreadsheet order form is tedious and easy to get confused.

Overall rating for TaoBaoSpree is 4.9/5 stars and it is a highly recommended agents especially if you are a first time buyer.

If you have any additional questions or thoughts, please leave a comment below. Thanks!

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