Three Ways to Buy China Products Online

When it comes to low prices, China products are hard-to-beat.I get a lot of enquiries from online shoppers wanting to find out the best way to buy China products online.They understand the benefits of buying products directly from China sellers, but have no idea how to begin.

In this post, I will look at three ways to buy stuff from china online,In my opinion, they are not all perfect.They all have their pros and cons. Let’s take a quick, snapshot overview of these three options in ascending order:

Taobao agent

In general, there are three methods of direct purchasing. The first method is to buy through a Taobao agent. This can save you time and money. You can either log on to an agent’s website, or get someone to help buy it for you. Just let them know what you want to buy, pay a service charge, and then sit back and wait for your parcel to arrive at your doorstep. Let the agent do the tedious work for you, from selecting the right item to shipping it overseas to you.

Using a Taobao agent is the most effortless and time-saving way. However, it has a lower customizability and carries a certain risks. For example, some unscrupulous agents may stealthily substitute one thing for another or endlessly postpone the delivery date when the item price isn’t good.

Do it yourself

The second method requires the user to manually perform every step. Since our main intention is to buy our favorite item at a lowest possible cost, this is indeed the most suitable method for all.

The only drawback of DIY is that it is relatively complicated. As a newbie, you’ll need to: be able to read and understand the Chinese web pages with the aid of Google, have a visa card, know how to choose a forwarder, be able to communicate with the customer service using translator tools, etc. Meanwhile, unexpected circumstances may occur during the shopping process, e.g. out-of-stocks, goods being held in the warehouse, parcels being held at the customs, etc.

Cross-border E-commerce

Another method of direct purchasing is through the various cross-border e-commerce websites, such as Aliexpress, etc. These websites provide customer services in English and their product details are written in English too. So, communication isn’t an issue at all. However, the item price can be a little higher compared with those of Chinese e-commerce websites.


As a conclusion, each of the three methods has its own pros and cons. Buying through an agent is the most convenient way, whereby all you need to do is tell them what you want, and pay them the service charge accordingly. Using a cross-border e-commerce provides you the ease of communicating in English. Some service providers even have their own warehouses, and thus it can be cost-effective in terms of communication and turnaround time. However, there is a potential risk of getting counterfeit goods. DIY can assure you the lowest cost of all, but communication can be inconvenient as everything has to be done in the Chinese language.

Make comparisons before opting for a choice. Take into consideration the various factors such as delivery options, products, location, buying habits, etc. Choose the method that is right for you, so that you can get the most out of it.

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