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Taobao USA

Updated on April 26, 2017
Country Forwarder Local Courier First kg(RMB) Next 0.5kg(RMB) Size Limit Weight Limit
USA JCEX Jiacheng International UPS 110 26 Single Side: ≤80cm
Total: ≤150cm
JCEX Jiacheng International USPS 82 22 Single Side: ≤152cm
Total: ≤274cm
Zhongshan courier USPS/DHL 105 25 Single Side: ≤120cm
Total: ≤200cm
Sources: Taobao.com ,Data is current as of May 11, 2016.
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11 thoughts on “Taobao USA”

  1. Norma Escamilla

    Hi my name is Norma I would like to order a cupping electric machine that I saw at my massage spa. And I took a photo but I don’t know how to navigate in this website

  2. hi eric..
    I would like to ask, where can i get my items?..
    i have a big trouble, they cannot deliver my items under the address I filled in..

    it says that UNKNOWN ADDRESS..
    i cannot trace where to pick it up

  3. Hello,

    I would like to purchase a pair or two of the Red Cloud canvas low cut sneakers in a size 10 or 11.
    I need help to make the purchase. Please let me know which color combinations you have in size 10 or 11.
    I also need to know how to pay and please help me with anything else so I may purchase these shoes.
    Thank you.

    Jim Harrigan

  4. Hi Eric,

    I would like to ask if there is any Taobao agents in the USA region who can help me to place order and handle any issues with seller, please? For example, I will find the items that I wanted to buy, send the link to the agent and the agent will place the order for me, on my behalf? Then, I will pay the product and shipping costs to the agent.

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