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How Do I Use My Taobao Coins?

Taobao coin is the point accumulation system on Taobao.com, whereby through each transaction you can earn Taobao coins. V1-V3 Taobao members can collect up to 20 Taobao coins each day, V4-V5 members up to 30 coins, and V6 members 40 coins. These Taobao coins can be redeemed for cash rebate …

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How to Register A Taobao Account

The starting point of becoming a Taobao shopper is registering for an account at Taobao.com. (If you’ve decided to use exclusively a Taobao agent rather than shopping directly, a Taobao.com registration will not be necessary.) To register, you will need your e-mail address and your mobile phone number. 1) Go …

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Tmall Membership Levels & Benefits

If you have previously made a purchase on Tmall and have filled out your complete personal information, then you are eligible to be activated as a Tmall member. Tmall membership entitles you to enjoy exclusive birthday privilege, service privilege, brand privilege, trading privilege and other exclusive privileges. 1.MEMBERSHIP LEVELS Currently …

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What is Taobao Vip Membership?

Taobao VIP is a membership grading system offering exclusive discount and priviledge to loyal members who has a accumulated purchase to a specific amount. how does taobao rate the vip membership level? Taobao vip membership has 7 levels (from V0- V6). membership levels determined by the “growth points”. Growth point …

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