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Three Ways to Buy China Products Online

When it comes to low prices, China products are hard-to-beat.I get a lot of enquiries from online shoppers wanting to find out the best way to buy China products online.They understand the benefits of buying products directly from China sellers, but have no idea how to begin. In this post, …

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Top 10 Sites like Taobao in English

For the majority of us non-Asian shoppers, online Chinese retail websites boggle our brains and squash our joy of shopping. That popping clear photo of the cute floral dress makes you drool with desire, right? But those indecipherable Chinese characters can drive you back to good old familiar Amazon. Google …

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Top 5 Chinese Online Store besides Taobao

Have you never stepped outside the world of Taobao.com for your Chinese shopping? If not, you may find yourself stuck in a rut of sales-driven discounting, fuzzy photos of products you’d never want or need and, well, just too much stuff. Why not explore more specialized e-commerce experiences that offer …

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Taobao Singles Day Festival

The “Double Eleven” Online Shopping Carnival was originated from a promotional activity held by Taobao Mall (Tmall.com) on November 11, 2009. Although at that time the number of participating retailers and promotional efforts were limited, the sales value was unexpectedly good that November 11 has then become a fixed date …

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