6 Secrets to Saving Money At Taobao.com

Saving Money At TaobaoIf you’re reading this, you probably love shopping on Taobao just like I do. And if you’re anything like me, you also want to buy as much as you can and save money in the process. I thought it would be useful to collect together all of the things I’ve learned about saving money on Taobao in one place. If you ever buy items at Taobao, you might find some of these tactics to be useful.

1. Buy from small seller

If it is of a same model, the small sellers tend to sell it at a price about 10% lower than that of the Crown-rated sellers. They pay more attention to reputation and buyer’s feedback. Thus, they are willing to earn less in order to build reputation. The quality of their goods will not be too bad, while the prices will not be too high.

2. Etao (www.etao.com)

When you search for a product on Taobao, you may find a list of items of the same brand, same model, same specifications, but with a huge price difference. How can you choose from these results?One of those really neat websites you can use is etao.com. This website will help you make a price comparison when you shop. It’s pretty straightforward to use.Just copy the product’s title and paste it into the search box in www.etao.com, and you’ll find a list of the similar products, sorted by price from low to high by default. You can then easily identify which seller is offering the lowest price.

3. Choose the right time to shop

Taobao and Tmall will regularly launch some promotional activities, such as holiday-themed promotions, apparel brands seasonal clearance, mid-year promotion, Double 11, etc, with Double 11 being the most notable of all. Each year during the Double 11, most of the merchants will offer a greater percentage of discounts, and that’s the best time for you to shop and save more money.

4. Buy from the same seller

After buying a product, if you find another product that you wish to buy in the same shop, you can add it to cart and checkout altogether. In this way, you can save the shipping cost for that item. If you are able to further negotiate with the seller, you might even save the shipping fee for both items. It can be very objective.

5. Look for voucher codes

Giving voucher codes is a commonly used promotional method. After receiving a voucher code, it can be used to offset the total amount during checkout by default. Some buyers are not aware of the use of these voucher codes. When you shop on Taobao, once you have selected your items, remember to look for links to voucher codes on the seller’s homepage. If a code is available, use it. That’s a real saving!

6. Taobao coins

Through each transaction, you earn Taobao coins. These coins can be redeemable when you buy from certain sellers. Moreover, each day there are items that can be redeemed by coins in full amount. So, let’s accumulate more coins for use in your next shopping trip.

Lastly, as a reminder to all, never take petty advantage just for the sake of cheaper prices. Ensuring a secured shopping is more important. Before making any purchase, always consult the seller through Aliwangwang. Your chat history with the seller can be an important proof to defend your rights in the future.

Taobao vs. AliExpress: Where Should I Buy My Stuff ?

taobao-vs-aliexpressInternational shoppers looking to source from China need to know that Taobao and AliExpress are two very different beasts. To put it in a nutshell: the target market of Taobao.com is the retail consumer; AliExpress’s focus is on small and larger business buyers, for whom it is a middleman sourcing goods directly from wholesalers or manufacturers.

Some PROs of Taobao shopping for international buyers:

  • Taobao is the preferred consumer shopper’s platform. The broad product range and individual items are geared towards people like you. There is a reliable consistency in the posting of Seller Reviews for each and every item. Bloggers and other websites frequently link to Taobao.com, which has a reputation as a destination of choice.
  • Taobao agents are available to offer great customer service. Taobao agent sites fight to find and keep their customers. A variety of agents work to ensure that the customer is well served and that Buyer Protection functions smoothly. Agents offer chat, message and phone communication directly to their representative.
  • Consolidated Shipping. Taobao agents place orders with individual retailers and consulidate orders into one shipment, keeping shipping costs reasonable and expediting customs clearance.

Some CONs of Taobao shopping for international buyers

  • Up to 10% in service fees when you use an agent. Taobao agents make their money from extra fees charged for placing orders, checking products, taking photos for the customer, warehousing, handling and packing.
  • The Taobao.com website is in the Chinese language. If you’ve decided not to use an agent, you’ll have language difficulties with Taobao sites if you don’t read Chinese. It’s no fun shopping if you don’t understand what you’re buying!
  • Returns pulicy is limited. Taobao guarantees that all products shipped domestically can be returned, as long as they are unused and in perfect condition. International customers come up short on this one.

Some PROs of shopping AliExpress for international buyers:

  • Free shipping on many items. If the Aliexpress website doesn’t automatically offer free shipping, the seller’s shipping method often will.
  • Website available in 16 language/country versions. The majority of the language versions reflect researched market preferences, so both layout and product offerings are “tailor-made” for countries or regions.

Some CONs of shopping AliExpress for international buyers:

  • Buyer Protection Plan is difficult to maneuver. Initial disputes regarding delayed delivery, or disappointing/faulty product, is up to the consumer and seller to sort out. AliExpress steps in as mediator to an escalated dispute only upon request when a buyer is dissatisfied with a seller’s proposed sulution.
  • Higher price. There are thousands and thousands of factories to manufacture a lot of things in China, Due to the language barrier, Most of them are unable to sell on Aliexpress, but all of them can sell on Taobao which makes many items on taobao have a lower price.
  • Separate sellers, separate invoices. There is no consulidation of orders in terms of payment or shipping, resulting in lots of sometimes very confusing paperwork.

Shopping at Taobao or AliExpress will have some inherent disadvantages due to the nature of overseas shopping. For example, returns/exchanges are expensive for the buyer. It’s a long, slow and costly trip back to China.  But the advantages of Taobao or AliExpress shopping can certainly outweigh any cons. Think: unique items, low prices and a mind-numbing huge selection. The platform that YOU choose to use will depend on your situation. If you’re a consumer looking for a transparent, risk-free experience, Taobao is the way to go. For businesses that rely on low wholesale prices to maintain their margin, or for adventurous bargain-hunting individuals, try AliExpress.

Top 10 Taobao Tumblr Blogs

taobao-tumblr-blogsShopping on taobao is a fun and interesting thing, and we think that collecting the best Tumblr blogs on this subject will do wonders for our audience. For this reason, we’ve collected the top 10 Tumblr taobao blogs.Some experienced Taobao shoppers share their “best of the best” in fashion, gifts and just plain cool stuff. If you are just getting your feet wet with Taobao shopping,These user-friendly blogs also include Taobao “how-to”s or FAQs for you to get started.

Here’s our list. Enjoy the read!

Alternative and J-Fashion Finds

The homepage hover-box says it all: “Dedicated to finding affordable alternative clothing and accessories.” Looking for lace-up knee high Victorian/Steampunk/Loli/Strega boots, preferably in black (size 7.5 or 8)? Or a dress like Wednesday Addams’?  Chances are good that an inspired search has already been done — or that one can be done for you.  (If you don’t ask, you don’t get!)

Awesome Taobao Finds

Welcome to the world of one avid blogger’s personal Taobao wish-list! It’s an unabashedly girly collection of plushy pastel lambs, eye-boggling leggings, cupcake-shaped contact lens cases and Hello Kitties. But there’s a radiance of character and personality here that is rarely matched in other blogs. Her blog also posts items from AliExpress.


There’s a lot of weird stuff that a Jersey girl living in Hong Kong comes across while trawling Taobao.  Her carefully cultivated and well-edited collection of “crap you never knew you needed” will bring a smile to anyone’s face, and some of us still haven’t picked ourselves up from rolling on the floor laughing.

Pastel Taobao

Blogger Harlan personally introduces herself in this blog dedicated to cute, cheap fashion from Taobao.com. Her finds include jewels for more eclectic tastes, like kawaii, pastel goth, fairy kei, cult party kei, mori kei and lolita fashion – but the true gem of her inter-active space is her willingness to hunt for specific items and answer her followers’ queries.

Taobao Princess

This beautiful collection of delicately feminine clothing and accessories is a place to kick back and relax. Set against a charming strawberries and blossoms tapestry and overflowing with amazing good taste, Taobao Princess isn’t shy about highlighting that her favorites don’t cost and arm and a leg!

Plus Size Taobao

This blog is a marvelous search-and-shop service for larger-size fashion. Want to know a Chinese search term to look for large-size belts? Ask here. What about plus-size garters? … The tags section is long and nicely detailed. Find all kinds of clothing and accessories for the fuller figure here.

Taobao Finds

Minimalistic in look and feel, Taobao Finds is a collection of flouncy, flowery fashion sure to appeal to a young crowd who want to make a whimsical impression. Our blogger has a soft spot for shoes, particularly those with bows and laces.

99 Problems and Taobao is One

What a lovely place to browse! There are some real sweet dresses, swimsuits, shoes and jewelry reflecting Chokelate’s taste in contemporary fashion. Don’t fall too much in love, though – some of the posts are a bit older, and some items are no longer available.


Embark on a throwback to the ‘90s and ‘00s on this street-smart blog. There are hundreds of fashion items posted, as well as informative tips on importing Taobao purchases into western countries.  Over the past couple of years, this blog has developed a large and active community of followers too.

BJD Finds

A gorgeous selection of the beautiful and the strange amidst the dark and the light universes of ball-jointed dolls. Dive into the world of miniature mania — purple frilly shorts, rabbit ears and howitzers, feathered party hats and even a BJD-scale embossed wheelchair with etchings harking back to ancient Celtic times.

Taobao Launches New Services And Promotions For Malaysian and Singapore Consumers

taobao-launches-new-services-and-promotionsChina’s online shopping website “Taobao” is now very popular in Malaysia, a lot of consumers have experiences and habits in “Taobao” online shopping. Taobao’s overseas operations manager, Xu Nan share that: “Taobao has a strong customer base in Malaysia and Singapore. In Malaysia, there was even a customer bought a piano through Taobao.”

To provide customers from these two regions a more pleasant shopping experience, Taobao has launched an improved online shopping process, which including a more convenient process in new website feature, new logistics options and timeliness process, this is to show Taobao’s attention to Malaysian and Singapore Markets. Taobao has launched its overseas market website (world.taobao.com), it will be based on the users’ past shopping data preferences to provide customised products as well as sellers options, allowing uses to find the products easily. Besides showing products price in RMB on the product page, it will also show the price in local currency.

Purchasing process has become simpler, does it show that we do not need shopping agent any more in the future? Xu Nan said that: “We do not intend to suppress the taobao shopping agent, perhaps they can provide other services to enhance the customers’ shopping experience.”

Taobao Overseas provides services and benefits  especially for Malaysian and Singapore consumers including:

  • New Logistics Services

On the basis of the existing “Taobao Global Consolidation and Shipping”, Taobao Overseas has launched “Direct Shipping” Services specially for Malaysian and Singapore users, to provide reliable logistics choices for users who are using third party service providers. Users who choose “Taobao Global Direct Shipping Service” can order products from different sellers in one go, then paid the total cost for product, freight cost in China as well as overseas. The products will be combined and sent directly to the shipping address specified by the user.

  • Official Commitment to Delivery Products in 6 Days

Taobao Overseas will work together with various logistics providers in the end of September to provide quality logistics services. For those Malaysian and Singapore users who choose to use “Taobao Global Direct Shipping Service” or “Taobao Consolidate and Ship Service”, Taobao Overseas and other logistics providers promise that they will delivery the products in 6 days, if there is delay, user can ask for compensation.

  • Promotion

For those Malaysian Users who are using “Malaysia Online Banking” as payment method and Singapore Users who are using “eNETS” as payment method, they can enjoy special promotion.

Overseas Consumers Can Use Their Cellphones To Shop On Taobao Now

use-their-cellphones-to-shop-on-taobaoIn order for overseas online shopper to enjoy the fun of shopping on Taobao, Alibaba just developed a new app called “Taobao global.” This app is tailored for overseas consumers with the support of international logistics and credit card payments. Products in “Taobao global” are all derived from the Taobao.com.This is good news for overseas consumers as they don’t have to use taobao agent anymore.

Taobao Global App

New users can directly register a taobao account with your cellphone number, or if you already have a taobao account,you can log in directly. In addition to the tailored logistics experience, Taobao global and Taobao.com are essentially the same, for example, you can use membership points, shop coupons.

Taobao Global Direct Shipping Service

Payment methods support the international credit card Visa, MasterCard,For logistics,Taobao officially provide “Taobao Consolidate and Ship Service” and “Taobao Global Direct Shipping Service”. For Hong Kong and Taiwan users who choose to use their logistics Service”, Taobao promise that they will delivery the products in 5 days, if there is any delay, user can ask for compensation.

Here is the download link to this app.

For ios,click here
For android,click here

And here is the English tutorial on how to use Taobao Global to place order on your mobile phone:read here


5 DO’s & DON’Ts of Shopping On Taobao

5-dos-donts-of-shopping-on-taobaoTaobao, an online shopping site from Alibaba Holding Ltd., is a unique ecommerce platform with 7 million sellers offering their products in a variety of niches. From time to time, there is some fraud on taobao about fake items, As a shopper, you can follow these 5 safety rules and guidelines to avoid being conned.

1. The Picture Isn’t Always Accurate

According to seasoned Taobao shoppers, the pictures sellers attach to items are not always accurate. You may order a picture of a black wallet expecting to receive it, misreading the Chinese description below the picture that say colors vary. This leads to upset consumers  when the wallet ships in white.

2. Dawdle and You May Lose Out

If you find something you have to have, buy it quickly. If you procrastinate someone else may grab your desired item before you do.

3. Delivery Only Marks a Sealed Deal

Due to the fast moving nature of the stock on Taobao, it is not uncommon to order a particular item only to receive a refund a few days later. Often it is due to the item becoming out of stock or there were shipping issues. Some buyers didn’t even get an explanation. Just paying and clicking send doesn’t necessarily mean the item will arrive. Delivery of items is the only finalization of a sale.

4. Products Aren’t Always Authentic

Some Taobao shoppers were duped into thinking they bought a brand name label of clothing, for example, when it was just a knock-off brand.

5. Use Alipay

Alipay is similar to the US-based PayPal and makes shopping on Taobao much easier. Consumers in the past have tried to purchase goods using both American and Japanese credit cards, only to have the sale rejected. Alipay is offered through Alibaba and makes purchasing through Taobao hassle free. Alipay cards are offered online or in Hong Kong at convenience stores.

14 Powerful Photos Show How Online Shopping Has Affected Even China’s Most Isolated Citizens

China’s biggest online retailer Taobao has become the tenth most visited retailer site on the internet. Since its inception in 2003, it has created 9.7 million jobs.

Commissioned to document online shopping trends in China, Huang Qingjun, a photographer, set out to interview all the types of people who shop on Taobao. He even discovered that around 81% of Chinese citizens, even in the most remote parts of the country, have the ability to go online and shop on places like Taobao. He snapped a few pictures of Taobao shoppers from all over the country to get a feel for who they are, what types of items they buy.

Wang Yafeng

Wang Yafeng lives in the most remote and northern village in China. He is 28 and owns a youth hostel and travel services business. He has stocked his entire hostel and home with items he bought off Taobao, over $35,000 worth of merchandise.


Mao Hongwei

Mao Hongwei first went online to shop at Taobao aided by a Taobao agent who came to his village. He is 48 and was not very comfortable surfing the web. Taobao held a promotion and he became interested. The agent showed him how to navigate and purchase off of the site, and since then he has bought $3,200 worth of materials and furnishings for his new home. He feels that the experience of shopping online has given him a new lease on life.


Liu Jun

A man named Liu Jun comes from a Mongolian family of nomads and herders. He lives in Ulanhot but when he still lived in his Mongolian yurt he would have to travel nearly 90 miles or more to make any sort of purchases he needed. He began shopping on Taobao in 2012 and since then has bought over $4,800. To him, the experience has saved him a lot of traveling expenses and commute time.


Liu Chunxiao

A mother named Liu Chunxiao uses Taobao to purchase gifts and clothes for her small son. Originally from China and now living there again, she spent over 20 years in Europe pursuing her studies and business. She has been shopping on Taobao ever since her return to China.


Li Nian

Entrepreneur Li Nian uses Taobao as a platform for his aerial-photographing company. A model airplane enthusiast, he has spent over $322,000 ever since the purchase of his first plane off of Taobao.



College student Mahmoodjan purchases Kindles, USB flash drives, headsets, an iPhone 6 Plus, and other digital products from Taobao. He has been using Taobao since 2006. He formerly was a foreign language guide, a civil servant, and a volunteer.


Huang Jianguang

Engineer Huang Jianguang uses Taobao to support his outdoor sports and bike riding hobbies. He creates his own bicycles from all of the parts he has bought on the site, almost $6,500 worth.


Yang Chin

When Yang Chin was 17, she moved to China and worked in a café. Formerly from the Shannan district of Tibet, her boss showed her Taobao and how to shop online. She enjoys being able to branch out via shopping and making fun and fashionable clothing and accessory purchases.


Jia Yuhao

Inn owners JiaYuhao and Lu Xuefeng use Taobao as a way to furnish their inn and grow their business. They currently live in Lhasa, China, and gave up lucrative careers to work for themselves.Items such as board games, outdoor equipment, a doll, an automatic coffee machine, and sleeping bags make up the 80% of items they have gotten at Taobao. Lu has spent $860,000 over 10 years and Jia$805,000 over nine.


Gyatsoling Rinpoche

Tibet Medical College graduate Gyatsoling Rinpoche uses Taobao for buying Buddhist goods, such as candles and butter lamps. He graduated at the age of 17, and when he was 4 years old was chosen as the reincarnation of the Living Buddha. Born in 1990, he says Taobao helps save him money on items he needs.


Sun Bin

Interior decorator Sun Bin shops on Taobao at 126 of his favorite stores, staying in touch for any new products. He has been using Taobao for six years and has spent over $88,500. He took his picture with several clocks he purchased online.


Zhang Boya

When Zhang Boya got married last year, 80% of the furniture purchased by her wedding guests was bought on Taobao. Zhang makes her own home decorations, clothes, and handcrafts, as well.


Aer Yingming

Aer Yingming took a picture with her family, who all started using Taobao in 2008. She, her family, and coworkers get together and shop on Taobao for items they like. She thinks of shopping as a lifestyle.

Top 8 Tips Everyone Who Shops On TaoBao Needs To Know

8-tips-everyone-who-shops-on-taobao-needs-to-knowChina’s largest e-commerce venue Taobao sells a multitude of different products at unbeh2evably low prices. This consumer-to-consumer platform offers everything from computer hardware, clothes, unique gift ideas, accessories, paintings, just to name a few. However, Taobao is entirely in Chinese, making navigating and understanding the site difficult for some consumers.

Knowing more about Taobao’s feedback sytem and utih2zing a middleman service, or agent, while shopping will go a long way in making the shopping process a lot smoother. Continue reading to learn eight helpful points to assist you if you shop on Taobao.

1. Translation & Communication

Using Google Translate will help users read product descriptions, prices, and aid them navigating through the site, which is written all in Chinese. This can be a daunting setback to anyone not famih2ar with the language. The translater will help, just be cautious as it isn’t always 100% accurate and the results can be a bit of odd.TranslationCommunication

Some sellers on Taobao who may reah2ze they have oversea customers and they have placed Engh2sh keywords within products h2stings to make items easier to find. For example, putting “Nike” or “Crocs”in the search engine will take you to the appropriate products associated with the brand.

2. Improve Search Results


Taobao makes it possible to filter results based on certain criterions,you can search for items based on



信用-Seller’s Reputation


包邮-Eh2gible for Free Shipping

赠送退货运费险-“Return it for Free”Insurance

货到付款-Cash on Deh2very.

新品-New Arrivals

海外商品 -Products from overseas

二手-Used stuff

正品保障-Genuine Product Protection

24小时内发货-Deh2very within 24 hours

7+天内退货-7-Day Return Poh2cy

旺旺在线-WangWang h2veChat Available Now

信用卡支付-Accepts Credit Card

折扣促销-With Discounts and Promotion Now

3. Buy from a Trustworthy, Experienced Seller

Before you purchase from a seller on Taobao you can see how many customer reviews they received and how many successful sales they have completed on their profile. This is similar to other e-commerce sites, such as Ebay. This tool makes it helpful when looking for a reh2able seller.This seller, for instance, has received 87 customer reviews for this item and sucessfully deh2evered 74 of them (marked 1 below).

taobao seller rating

Those who actually buy from a particular seller also have the abih2ty to rank the seller using colored symbols. The symbols range from hearts, diamonds, blue crowns, and yellow crowns. Five of each symbol must be awarded before moving up the symbol h2st.As you can see, this seller  has 1 blue crown (marked 2) which is quite a good rating.

4. Understanding the Feedback System

You can check on the overall feedback from other customers and reviews on Taobao, much h2ke on other onh2ne ecommerce shopping sites. On Taobao this is found at the bottom of a product’s page. Other customers also rate products they have purchased on the site. They use a star rating from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest quah2ty. This is a convenient rating service to learn from other customers  exactly what the quah2ty of a product is.

feedback of previous buyers

If there is no review for this product, you can do as discussed in tip #3 and check the seller’s overall feedback by ch2cking the colored symbols(heart, diamond or crown). Again, a great tool to see how reh2able a seller is before making a purchase from them.

5. Payments

Taobao uses RMB, or Chinese yuan, in all of their transactions. As we discussed earh2er you can use Ah2pay(think of it h2ke Chinese PayPal) to make purchases, or pay onh2ne through your China bank account. Another option is to buy a ah2pay purchase card through post office to make a purchase. Keep in mind when making a purchase that an exchange rate will be added to the total cost of the item.

6. Shipping

Before you purchase an item, attempt to ask the seller if the item is internationally shippable as many of the sellers on Taobao don’t. This is mainly due from no knowledge on this type of shipping or a problem communicating between different languages. Some sellers do speak Engh2sh, which makes communicating a lot easier.  They also are more open to taking onh2ne payments and international payments. While this is a huge plus, these services may come with extra charges. Also, pay attention to any restrictions concerning shipping imposed by your country of origin,especially if an item is restricted or gains extra taxes if shipped out of country.

7. Length of Shipping Time

Just h2ke with other ecommerce sites, items shipped from Taobao generally take anywhere from 7-40 days to arrive at your door. As a rule, internationally shipped items from China take around 3 weeks to enter the country. Customs holds the item for about another week in order for the item to clear. The item then spends about 2-3 days waiting the post office to deh2ver the item. The Air Mail from China takes 4-40 days, China Post, or EMS, takes anywhere from 10-28 days to deh2ver an item, and DHL is much faster at 5-10 days. Of course, you will need to pay more if you want to get your item faster.

8. Taobao Agent

Taobao agents are growing in popularity as the taobao’s popularity grows. Agents serve as a sort of middleman between buyers outside of the Chinese market and sellers on Taobao, within the Chinese market. Agents handle all parts of the transaction, including payment and shipping, explaining items, and also can serve as a translator between you and the seller. Many agents have items shipped directly to them on behalf of buyers, which in turn can save money.