How to Return the Goods from Warehouse to Taobao Seller?

I have received many emails from my readers, saying that their purchased items have been rejected by the warehouse, and that they wanted to return the items to the sellers. This article aims to guide you how to return the goods from the warehouse to the sellers.

Shipping rate for Return

中通ZTO 12 6
Zhongshan courier 10 4
4px 12 4
递壹时DEX 12 12
增利 10 8
Prouter 12 7
乐趣购 12 6
顺丰 22 12
JCEX Jiacheng International 12 6

Step One: Get the return address

It is recommended that you go to “Purchased Items(已买到的宝贝)” to find the relevant order, and apply “Refund/Return(退款/退货)” / “After-sales application(申请售后).” Click here to see more details.

After the seller has agreed on your application for return or refund,they will provide a return address on the refund application,this address will be used for the following steps.

I do recommend you to aliwangwang with the seller before you submmit the application to smooth the process.

Step Two: fill in the refund/return form

Go to “My Taobao” – “Purchased Items” – click “Taobao Consolidated Shipping(官方集运)” on the left, find your order, and click the “Return to Seller(退回卖家)” button to return the goods.

Here is the step by step guide with pictures:

1. On the consolidation order page, click “Orders to be consolidated(待集运订单)” to find your forwarder. Find the order that you wish to return, click “Return to Seller(退回卖家)”.

2. Find the seller’s address from the refund application, fill out the form, and pay for the shipping fee will do.

3. After your forwarder has sent out the goods, you may check the waybill number from your order details (you can also enquire for the waybill number from Alipay’s online customer service).

Copy the waybill number and paste it to the refund/return form, as illustrated below:

After filling out the form, click “Submit information” and that’s all. You will receive your refund after the seller has received the goods!

How to Contact Taobao Customer Service

Due to languarge barrier,you can easily run into some trouble about your orders, shipping, returns, money .etc when you buy directly from taobao.Contacting taobao customer service department is the best way to solve your problem,but it is not an easy thing.In fact, it can be difficult to even locate contact information for the taobao anywhere on website.

To assist you, here are several ways you can get in touch with taobao customer service when you have a problem with taobao.

#1. how to contact taobao

I only found their phone and emal contact info,they do provided a link to their livechat,but it is robot that only answers in Chinese,so it is useless for you.

1.1. Taobao phone support number:

Hong Kong

  • phone number: (852)30183610
  • working time: Monday-Sunday,9:00-18:00


  • phone number: (886)277054306
  • working time: Monday-Sunday,9:00-18:00


  • phone number: (65)31633159
  • working time:Monday-Sunday,9:00-18:00


  • phone number: (60)392125564
  • working time:Monday-Sunday,9:00-18:00


  • phone number: (61)383738606
  • working time:Monday-Sunday,7:00-18:00

Other areas

  • phone number: (852)30183610
  • working time: Monday-Sunday,9:00-18:00

Note #1: When you are from”Other areas”,before making the calling,please notice that it is not a toll free,it is a HongKong phone number,so the rate will not be cheap.

Note #2: Taobao sometimes change the phone number,you can check the orginal page here to make sure the contact number is not outdated.

1.2. Taobao Email address for English support

Taobao listed an Email address on their website for English support,it is [email protected],they said email will be replied within 24 can try it if it is not a urgent question.

1.3. Contact Taobao via social media

Their Facebook page is or

On Instagram, they’re —

#2. how to contact alipay

when you have problems with your money,payments,refund,bank account,then you need to contact alipay to solve it.

2.1. Alipay phone support number:

Taobao and alipay share the same phone number,so you can call taobao support phone number,after getting through,choose service language and Press “1 “to talk with Alipay support.

2.2 Alipay livechat support: this link to go to livechat page

2.Copy&paste Chinese keywords”人工客服”in the Dialog and click the grey “发送” button to send this query to their system.”人工客服” means live human support,so this step is to tell alipay you need to chat with a real person.

3.then you will see a blue button with text”连接在线客服”,click it,and will connect you with a Alipay customer support member. Hopefully, your issue will be resolved quickly and easily.

#3. how to contact your forwarder warehouse

Warehouse plays a key role during the whole taobao shopping process,your orders will be shipped from seller to warehouse,then from warehouse to your address.If you are a newbie,you most likely will run into some problems related with it.So It is important you know how to contact the guys there.

3.1. contact your warehouse via “Cross-border logistics management(跨境物流管理)” page.

1. Log into your taobao account,Click [跨境物流管理(cross-border logistics management)] in the upper right corner of Taobao homepage or click here.

2. On the [待集运订单(To be shipped)] tab,you need to select your forwarder(by default,it is 官方配送服务), you can click [集运操作咨询(Consolidation Consultation)] or [问题咨询(Problem Consultation)] to contact forwarder Customer Service.

3.On the [物流订单(Logistics Order)] tab, click on the blue icon to consult with the forwarder Customer Service.

3.2. contact your forwarder via livechat

Click the following forwarder link to have a livechat with them,if you are not sure which forwarder you are using,check it from this page.

United States



New Zealand




Hong Kong



#4. how to contact your seller

In order to contact the seller,you need to download a software called aliwangwang(阿里旺旺),it is the official chat app.they have windows,Mac,ios and Android version,you can download it here.

4.1. contact seller on the product page

After logging in to Ali Wangwang, go to product page,click the blue icon on the right corner of the page.

4.2. contact seller from [已买到的宝贝(purchased)]

If you have placed an order, go to the on the [已买到的宝贝(purchased)] page you can find the seller aliwangwang right next to the order number.

Note: AliWangwang is the official chat software on Taobao. if there is a dispute in the transaction, you can provide a screenshot of your chat history as a valid proof.Dont add seller’s wechat id if you dont know him.

How to Request a Refund on Taobao

This post shows you how to request for a refund at Taobao. If you have purchased a wrong item or no longer wish to have it, you may request for a refund through the following details.

Depending on the time of shipment and the conditions in which the goods are received, You may request for a refund anytime before or after a transaction is made. Refunds can be made via the following two methods, depending on the status of your order:

Refund from “Return/Refund(退款/退货)”

If this option is available, it means that the seller has not received the fund. The status of the order is “payment has been made” and “goods have been shipped.” You may immediately request for a refund.

Refund from “After-sales application(申请售后)”

The seller has received your payment and the order status shows “completed successfully”: Within 15 days of a successful transaction, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the goods you received, you may request for a refund or return via the “After-sales application.”

Part 1. Refund from “Return/Refund(退款/退货)”

Step 1. Find the item

Find the item that you want to return, click: Refund/Return(退款/退货)

Step 2. Select the type of refund:

Return and refund: there are items to be returned to the seller, click: Return and refund(退货退款)  ;

Refund only: no item is to be returned to the seller, click: Refund only(仅退款).

Return and refund(退货退款)

Application condition: If there is a problem with the goods, or if you no longer want the goods and have reached a compromise with the seller for a return, please select the “Return and refund” option.

Return procedures: 1. Request for a return. >2. The seller sends a return address to the buyer. >3. The buyer returns the goods and fills out the details of the shipment. >4. The seller receives the goods, refund completed successfully.

Fill out form: after clicking “return and refund”, you will see the above page. Two fields are required(* means required): Reason for return/refund(退货退款原因) and refund amount(退款金额).

Field 1: Reasons for refund include:

  1. The seller sent the wrong item(卖家发错货).
  2. Faulty parts(配件故障).
  3. Malfunctions(性能故障).
  4. Scratched or broken upon arrival(收到商品时有划痕或破损).
  5. Pirated goods(假冒品牌).
  6. Screen display problems(屏幕故障).
  7. Product not-as-described(版本不符).
  8. Missing functions(功能缺失).
  9. Not satisfied/dislike(效果不好/不喜欢).
  10. Others(其它).

You may choose one that is closest to your situation.

Field 2: Refund amount: use the default refund amount.

After filling out the form, just click “Submit application(提交申请)”.

Refund only(仅退款)

Application condition: If you have not received the goods, or if you have received the goods but have reached a compromise with the seller for a refund without returning the goods, please select the “Refund only” option.

Return procedures: 1. Request for a refund. >2. The seller accepts your application. >3. Refund completed successfully.

On this page, you will need to fill out this form.

Field 1. Have you received the goods(是否收到货): not received(未收到货) or already received(已收到货).

Field 2. If you select “not received”, the reasons for refund(仅退款原因) include:

  1. Empty parcel / incomplete空包裹/少货.
  2. Haven’t received any delivery(快递一直未送到).
  3. Ordered too much / wrongly ordered / no longer want it(多拍/拍错/不想要).
  4. Goods were not shipped on time(未按约定时间发货).
  5. No tracking record of the shipment(快递无跟踪记录).
  6. Others(其它).

Field 3. If you select “already received”, the reasons for refund include:

  1. The seller sent the wrong item(卖家发错货).
  2. Faulty parts(配件故障).
  3. Malfunctions(性能故障).
  4. Scratched or broken upon arrival(收到商品时有划痕或破损).
  5. Pirated goods(假冒品牌).
  6. Screen display problems(屏幕故障).
  7. Product not-as-described(版本不符).
  8. Missing functions(功能缺失).
  9. Not satisfied/dislike(效果不好/不喜欢).
  10. Others(其它).

Part 2. Refund from “After-sales application(申请售后)”

1. Login to: “My Taobao” – “Purchased items”, find the relevant order and click “After-sales applications(申请售后)”:

2. Choose your desired type of application:

  • Return & Refund (退货退款)
  • Refund only (仅退款)
  • Exchange(换货)
  • Repair(维修)


Taking “Refund only” as an example: After selecting “Refund only”, you’ll need to check whether “You have received the goods” and fill out the relevant information as instructed (the same as Part1). After that, click “Submit application.”


Note: You can only claim a refund via “After-sales applications” within 15 days from the time payment has been released to the seller.After 15 days, you will need deal with the seller via aliwangwang.

Part 3. Check the refund status

The buyer may enter “My Taobao >> Manage Refund(退款管理)” and find the refund amount at “My refund applications”. Click “check” to enter the refund details page, where you can check the time reminder.

If the seller does not respond to your request within 5 days, the system will automatically approve your application by default. If you have selected to “return and refund”, then you will need to return the goods. Whereas if there is no returning of goods needed, you will receive the amount of refund as stated in your application.