What China Taobao Can’t Ship Internationally (Prohibited Items List by Category)

Due to China export regulations and carrier restrictions,  Some items are prohibited from being shipped internationally. Before you buy items from China Taobao, please be sure they are not on this “Do Not Ship” list.

However, some couriers offer special delivery service that can ship prohibited items internationally.If you are not sure if you can ship an item,you can contact the courier,they can help you find out if the products you want to purchase can be shipped to your country.

Commodity Specific examples of articles Prohibited reason
All kinds of poison, biochemical products and infectious materials Such as anthrax, dangerous bacteria, medicine with waste, pesticides, thallium, cyanide, dioxins, DDT, chlordane, ractopamine, ractopamine hydrochloride, arsenic, tear gas, white crystals, powder, paste and other items “Ban on the export of goods catalog,” the third installment of “China banned or severely restricted the list of toxic chemicals.”
Causing addiction of narcotic drugs and psychotropic items Such as drugs, opium (including poppy capsules, flower, bud, leaves, etc.), morphine, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine, etc. “Psychotropic Drugs Control catalog of the varieties”
State law prohibits the circulation of goods shipped or sent Such as artifacts, regulated knives, antiques, various weapons, simulated weapons (simulation toy guns, etc.), ammunition, national currency (cash), securities, counterfeit currency and securities, source plasma, Laogai products Reference to the law:
“Cultural Relics Protection Law”, “Ministry of Public Security Control Tool Catalog”, “People’s Republic of China Firearms Control Law”, “Civil Explosives Safety Management Regulations”
China’s political, economic, cultural, moral (the Falun Gong) harmful materials, involving state secrets articles with violation of the “one China” principle content of the goods and their packaging. The carrier discs, tapes, videos and other content containing reactionary, and so obscene, indecent or Falun Gong newspapers, books, pictures, promotional materials, audio and video products, computer disk and CD-ROMs Reference to the law:
“Constitution”, “Criminal Law”, “People’s Republic of China on Guarding State Secrets Law”
Hinder public health goods Such as bones, ashes, coffins without tanned skins, animal bones without drugs, unprocessed or degreased bones, soil, animal carcasses, animal and plant pathogens (including bacteria and viruses, etc.) “Ban on the export of goods catalog” First
Animals, plants and their specimens and some natural resources Rhinoceros horn, bezoar, tiger bones, skins, fur (fur), musk, seaweed, Ephedra, wild yew wood, charcoal, forest litter, peat (peat), silica sand, quartz sand and other natural sand, mahogany seeds (other propagating material), animals and plants “Ban on the export of goods catalog” The first, second, fourth, fifth
And various items of dangerous goods radioactive (danger signs packaging items) Such as explosives (detonators, fuses, gunpowder, explosives, etc.), nuclear energy and other goods “Radioactive Materials Transportation Safety Management Regulations”, “Civil Explosives import and export management approach”
Medical waste, chemical waste, industrial waste, etc. As used disposable syringes “Environmental Protection Law”
Gas (regardless of color) Such as compressed gases, dry ice, fire extinguishers, gas cartridges, inflatable spheres, life-saving devices, explosive open automotive airbags, aerosols, gas lighters, gas cylinders, light bulbs, etc. Affect transportation safety, not acceptable
Explosive materials Such pyrotechnic articles (fireworks, firecrackers, crackers, crackers, etc.), issuing the order paper, dry ice, with a gas lighter, gas stove, gas cylinders, firearms, etc. Affect transportation safety, not acceptable
Flammable liquids Such as ink, to the light water, paint, oil, gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, benzene, alcohol, oil, camphor oil, engine starting fluid, turpentine, thinner, glue (such as glue, styrofoam plastic foam plastic, etc.), perfume, spray insecticides, air fresheners, cosmetics, etc. Affect transportation safety, not acceptable
Flammable solids (including spontaneously combustible materials, water releases flammable gases, etc.) Such as coal, rosin, paraffin, activated carbon, titanium powder, copra, castor, rubber debris, safety matches (box wipe or rub sheet), white phosphorus, phosphorus, hemp oil, sodium metal, aluminum , magnesium powder, solid rubber (including white glue, etc.), inks, perfumes, asphalt, etc. Affect transportation safety, not acceptable
Chemicals, chemical laboratory supplies, medical products, etc. Such as potassium permanganate, sulfuric, furan, vaccines, blood products, etc. “Ban on the export of goods catalog” third
Oxidizers and organic peroxides Such as hydrogen peroxide, sodium peroxide, calcium hypochlorite, potassium chlorate, potassium nitrate, unknown chemical composition and other items Affect transportation safety, not acceptable
Toxic chemicals and infectious substances: means likely to occur in the circulation process of poisoning and infection items Such as insecticides, pesticides, veterinary drugs, herbicides, arsenic and its compounds, mercury and its compounds, cyanide and its compounds, chloroform, benzene, ammonium, lacquer, blood, urine, body fluids, cleaning agents for four carbon tetrachloride, 1,1,1-trichloroethane (methyl chloroform) and trichlorotrifluoroethane, polychlorinated biphenyls, polybrominated biphenyls, asbestos, etc. “Ban on the export of goods catalog” The first, third, “Pesticide List”
Corrosive substances (including energy burning body tissue and to cause damage to metal items such as solid and liquid, etc.) Such as sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, chlorosulfonic acid, acetic acid, caustic soda, hydrogen peroxide and other Affect transportation safety, not acceptable
All kinds of currency in circulation, gambling equipment and appliances National currencies, fiscal Bo equipment “People’s Republic of China Postal Law”, “People’s Republic of China import and export regulations”
fertilizer Such as urea, ammonium nitrate, superphosphate, ammonia, etc. National export quotas for commodities, not express way Acceptance
Fresh class items, perishables, animals, dairy products and other items Such as honey, eggs, wine, sugar, food, etc. Sensitive goods, no air shipment
The people’s livelihood, state-run trade of regulated goods Such as corn, rice, coal, cotton, crude oil, refined oil, antimony and antimony products, tungsten and tungsten products, silver, wheat, corn flour, rice flour, wheat flour, lumber, coal, coke, rare earth, zinc ore, tin and tin products, indium and indium products, molybdenum, phosphate rock, etc. National export quotas for commodities, not express way Acceptance
Export quota bidding and management of goods export authorizations Rush and Rush products, silicon carbide, fluorine stone (powder), slippery stones (powder), light (heavy) burned magnesium, bauxite, liquorice and products, paraffin, zinc and zinc-based alloys, automobiles and chassis, its motorcycle engine and frame, citric acid, vitamin C, penicillin industrial salt, sulfuric acid disodium Involving export authorization management product, not express way Acceptance
Protection of forest resources, prevent deforestation Such as: charcoal “Ban on the export of goods catalog” the second installment
Gold silver platinum and other precious metals products and other valuables Such as gold, silver, platinum, precious stones, jewelry, pearls, ivory, etc. “Ban on the export of goods catalog” First
Radio transceiver, the confidentiality of communications, etc. Such as radar and other transmitters, receivers and other equipment Affecting national security, card-related card-related goods, not express way Acceptance
Charged items (except lithium batteries from electronic products) Airlines prohibited acceptance, such as plastic dolls _ charged, electric remote control cars etc. Sensitive goods, no air shipment
Batteries, alkaline batteries, alkaline battery fluid, etc. Such as batteries, alkaline batteries, etc. Affect transportation safety, not acceptable
Electronic products containing lithium batteries We do not accept pure battery or battery package goods; Acceptable built (inextricably) battery goods, such as goods with a built-in battery must indicate on the invoice and waybill, without the battery in the waybill and invoice NO BATTERY. Sensitive goods, no air shipment
Magnetic objects (not including protective packaging plus degaussing magnets, magnets and other magnetic products containing etc.) Airlines prohibited acceptance, such as magnetic stripe, such as magnets; Magnetic influence transportation safety, not acceptable
Liquid (Regardless of the packaging) Such as wine, moisturizer, eyeliner, sunscreen, contact lens solution, eye drops, physiological saline water, insect repellent, gold plating bath, aluminum paste, glow sticks, mercury thermometer, ice pillow, etc. Due to inability to identify ingredients that affect the express transportation safety, not acceptable
Frozen fresh meat Such as chilled beef, frozen beef, chilled pork, frozen pork, chilled meat, frozen chicken Sensitive goods, no air shipment
Cigarette cigarette Domestic implementation of the tobacco monopoly, foreign destinations involving high taxes, not acceptable
Appearance is more sensitive or internal organization can not split the goods Liner such as electrical, electronic equipment, and other unknown particles Sensitive goods, no air shipment
CD CD Sensitive goods, no air shipment
Rare mineral natural resources and other scarce natural resources Such as primary raw materials such as copper profile, aluminum and other 47 kinds of commodities Export quota categories of goods, can not express the way Acceptance
Food Including food products; Sensitive goods
Drug All drugs Sensitive goods

Four Ways to Translate Taobao Words into English

translate-taobao-words-into-englishWondering how to figure out some of those Chinese words on a taobao screen? While a browser translator like Google Chrome will ultimately give you a good overall sense of what’s going on, you wouldn’t want to miss any details, right?

Here are four good sources to get the meaning of Chinese (simplified) words:

  • Online translators such as Google Translate, Windows Translate et al
  • Instant character recognition translator apps for iPhone, Android and other camera-equipped devices like tablets
  • Word dictionary websites, which provide detailed information, including various definitions in cases where more than one meaning exists
  • A good taobao agent with excellent customer service

we’re going to explore each one in-depth with best programs and apps available in each translation category.

1. Online Translators: Google Translate

Online Translators Google TranslateOnline translators are fantastic: quick, easy-to-use and accessible right there in your next-door browser tab.  (Google Translate (https://translate.google.com/ ) is a favorite.) Best use these for individual words or phrases. Just cut and paste into the box, set for translation from Chinese (simplified) to English. Within seconds you’ll have your answer.

But watch out: equivalent English words are pulled from a database. Online translators have no regard for syntax or sentence construction, making it potentially very laborious to piece together the meaning of several sentences!

2. Instant Character Translation: Waygo 

Instant Character Translation WaygoInstant character recognition translation is a relatively new, high-tech solution. It’s perfect for translating in cases where a cut-and-paste action is not possible (for example, from a pdf). This method has grown in popularity as smartphone usage has taken off.

Just take a photo of a text section, throw it into an Android or iOS app you’ve downloaded (for example, WayGo at https://www.waygoapp.com/). Your translation will likely be made using real-time, live cloud-based technology. These apps use Optical Character recognition (OCR) to transpose a photo of characters into digital data. The data is then analyzed and translation algorithms applied. Since these apps were developed with the translation of phrases and sentences in mind, results are generally very good.

3. Word Dictionary: Pleco 

Word Dictionary Pleco Word dictionaries provide online access to individual-word definitions, calligraphy specifics and English-alphabet spellings, part-of-speech details, and in some cases, even an audio-file pronunciation of Chinese words! Pleco (https://www.pleco.com) is one of these very comprehensive dictionaries. Anyone interested in language structure and detail will really enjoy; but in practical terms, such dictionaries are a bit over the top for Taobao shopping unless you’re unable to find a suitable meaning elsewhere!

4. A Good Taobao Agent

A Good Taobao AgentA good taobao agent is worth gold in terms of 100% comprehension. With a business focus on excellent customer service, an agent will often assign a dedicated representative whom a shopper can e-mail, phone, or message with individual questions, even about items not yet purchased! Taobao agent reps are multi-lingual, and by definition, an agent is the linchpin between a Chinese-speaking Taobao seller and an overseas buyer. The drawback, however, with relying exclusively on an agent for translation is the issue of lag in translation time. Not all China-based agents offer 24-hour customer communication. We are, of course, all human.

This isn’t to say that one translation method is better than another. Individual habits will likely determine which method a shopper uses. Laptop shoppers may prefer the online translators just one browser tab away from their shopping cart. Not crazy about switching screens all day? Then the character recognition translation app may be just right. Or if you prefer to connect with a real person to ensure you get that meaning and all the innuendos right, a great Taobao agent will be just what you’re looking for.

How to View Taobao Rating System and Choose a Reliable Taobao Store ?

taobao-rating-systemAll that fabulous stuff you can find shopping in China with taobao is so tempting. Gorgeous photos of hip fashion, unbelievably low prices, and reliable local agents to process and ship your order. That sounds irresistible – so get out the credit card!

Whoa, stop just a moment and remember that a Taobao website is a framework for thousands of different sellers hawking their goods.

Imagine the disappointment of opening a long-anticipated parcel and finding that your new dress is more orange than the strawberry-pink you saw on the website. Or that the tablet announced as “new” at Taobao.com has scratches on it, a clear sign that it’s been used. And when you request an exchange or refund, the transaction is a nightmare?

Or what if your package never arrives at all, even though your credit card has been charged?

Your best chances of avoiding such scenarios is to do your homework and make sure a seller is trustworthy before you push “BUY”.

Understand Taobao Seller Rating System

Taobao’s rating system is not hard to understand,they use any or all of the following factors to evaluate a seller. Some follow the 1 to 5 scale based on customer feedback, and some are just straight data.

— How well pictures and descriptions match the actual product?

— How is the service?

— Is the length of time taken to deliver the items satisfactory?

— How long has the seller been trading?

— How many people have bought from the shop?

— What percentage of clients have submitted ratings?

— What percentage of his deals have been successful (look for 90% or better)?

Now it’s time to drill down and check some live examples. If you are shopping at an taobao agent’s website, be sure to go to the original Chinese-Taobao page presentation. (Browse in Google Chrome and use TRANSLATE. This will make the process easy, in your own language.)

Start by Checking A Seller’s Overall Reputation(Marked 2).

taobao seller rating Previous buyers have left ratings for each shop with whom they make a transaction.

  • A POSITIVE rating gives a seller 1 point.
  • A NEUTRAL rating gives him no points.
  • A NEGATIVE rating takes 1 point away from a seller’s reputation.

The more positive transactions a seller has, the better. A high number of points indicates not only lots of happy customers, but also a seller who has either been in business for a long time, or is very popular. That’s a good sign.As you can see, this seller  has 1 blue crown (marked 2) which is quite a good rating.

The following picture shows a seller’s points total (left-hand column) translated into a heart, diamond, silver and gold crown key on Taobao product pages. Most Taobao agents also show these rating results.


Check “Service”, “Description” and “Logistics” Score (Marked 3).

taobao seller rating Find the seller’s name or logo on the product page. Next to that will be words like “Description(描述)” ,”Service(服务)”and “Logistics(物流)”. You can see an example from the above picture(marked 3):

This seller received 4.8 points for logistics, based on customer feedback, is an indicator (in this case, speed of shipping items) on a scale of 1 to 5.  Any seller meeting performance criteria of 4.0 or more may be considered reliable and trustworthy.

Check When The Store Was Opened (Marked 1)

taobao seller rating Here is a notation that this seller registered his business 8 years ago(marked 1) – a good long time ago – so he should have a large number of transactions and rank at least in the diamond category.

Just because a seller has only one or two hearts doesn’t mean that you need steer clear of their amazing fur boots! Remember, some sellers are new and are just building up their reputation. Perhaps they’ve had only 35 sales but every one of those sales has been POSITIVE.

A Final Word On Buyer Feedback

sometimes buyers’ individual evaluations are posted online.  In many cases they are negative. Consumers are much more likely to take the time to complain than to praise. While such feedback can illuminate a buyer’s negative experience with a seller, it should be by no means taken as a conclusive review. Always check the more subjective, scaled details and data as described above to get a complete picture of a seller’s trustworthiness.

And conversely, if you ever encounter an issue with a seller, do your best to work out the problem rather than immediately spout off in a negative review. Most taobao sellers work diligently to deliver as promised, and a negative review can be reputation-damaging!

How Can I Avoid Buying Fake Products On Taobao?

how-can-i-avoid-buying-fake-products-on-taobaoThe ecommerce site Taobao offers a wide variety of different items for shoppers to purchase. While they try hard to only offer legitimate, authentic items and do away with any fake ones, it is important to know some helpful tools to ensure you are not purchasing a fake.

1. Check Sellers Feedback

Feedback serves to aid future buyers in determining if a seller is trustworthy or not. It serves as a great barometer to go by when choosing an item from a seller. A good rule of thumb is to stay with sellers who have a 100% feedback rating on over 500 different transactions.

2. Off-Brand Brands

Most buyers think if a product is going to be a fake, it will probably fall into the category of big-ticket name-brand items. However, many fake producing sellers are targeting second and third rate brands in the market. Even so,It’s best to go after not-so-famous brands and stay away from top brands on Taobao to ensure you are purchasing an authentic item.

3. Real Photos

It’s more h2kely a product is authentic if the photo isn’t perfect.If the pictures are too perfect, it may be a warning that the item is too good to be true,because these were probably just downloaded from brand’s main website. If you are in doubt, you can request a newer or more reah2stic picture from the seller.

4. Compare the Product to the Official Website

Take the photo the seller is offering and compare it to the one on the official website for that product. Look closely at the details to try and determine if the product is authentic.

5. What else do they sell?

If a seller advertises that they sell authentic items and also “h2ke-real” items, You’d better steer clear of them. It is important to check their other items to determine if they feel h2ke the real deal.

6. Stay Calm

Use your own good, sound judgment before diving prematurely into a purchase to determine if a seller is actually offering goods worth your hard earned money.

The 6 Craziest Things You Can Buy From TaoBao. Number 3 Is Utterly Shocking.

6-craziest-things-you-can-buy-from-taobaoChina has rapidly developed e-commerce, making the options on what to purchase off of the internet limitless. Sellers have come up with innovative new ways to fulfill the varying tastes of the current generation of consumers.  Here are just some of the most creative and eye-popping products and offers available on Taobao.com.

1. Playful Accessories

Playful Accessories

For consumers who love fresh, new fashion, A store named “Strange Taste” offers unique styles and accessories and is based in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. This store is perfect for those who live for fashion and want to be trend setters.

2. Time Travel Paintings

Time Travel Paintings

A store named “夏虫与冰艺术坊” offers portaits mixing the classic Tang Dynasty style, circa 618-907 AD, with current themes such as the minions from Despicable Me and modern inventions like selfie stick or a hairdryer. Their unique creations blend the classic with the contemporary.

3. Obama’s Voice

Obama's voice

Taobao hosts several shops that specialize in voice imitations of celebrities, Chinese and foreign politicians, even US President Barack Obama! Make your friends jealous by getting a personal call from any of these voices, whether current, past, or imaginary. Some of the most sough-after voices currently are Spongebob,Doraemon, and Jackie Chan.

4. Cyber Sweethearts


Another popular purchase on Taobao is a cyber sweetheart for about 20 yuan, or $4.30, a day. This unique service offer the customer a good morning phone call, good night phone call, or lends an ear to listen or a voice to give moral support. Consumers can even customize the personality of their cyber sweetheart’s voice for a more personal experience!

5. Sad Poets’ Poetry


For poetry lovers, a shop called “The Sadness of a 50 Cent Poet” offers over 70 different short poems by four different poets. The poems are free, but a “50 cent donation” is appreciated, as said by their motto “Ours is an age when poets starve. Our poems are free, but if you think they are good we would not mind a 50 cent donation”.

6. Doge Headgear

Doge s head

Taobao sellers offer a hand muff/pillow based on the wildly popular ShibaInu dog. Consumers can pose with the Doge’s head and share photos with multicolored text based on the Doge’s popular personality.

This is just a small sampling of the myriad of different offerings found on China’s Taobao.

5 Incredibly Weird Things You Can Buy On TaoBao

Taobao, one of the world’s largest e-commerce websites trades an average of nearly 50,000 items every minute.

With more than 800 million items listed,Taobao offers a wide selection and variety of items and services. There is something to be found for just about any occasion, person, or event.

Here I listed some of the incredibly weird and unique items you can purchase on Taobao.

  1. Breast Milk Soap

breat mik

Soap made from breast milk is a very hot seller on Taobao. Some sellers say they use their own breast milk, making a business out of excess milk their infants cannot drink. And it is good for the skin and cures certain rashes on infants.

  1. Vegetables and Luffa Water

luffa water

Wang Xiafeng,a 32 year old entrepreneur left a marketing job in Shanghai to sell over 20 different varieties of farm produce through his shop on Taobao. He is known to thousands as “Brother Earth”. His two best-selling items include rice wine that is home-brewed, and luffa stem water that can whiten and soothe skin.

  1. Drone For Sale

When pictures of the drone that rebels in Syria shot down last November popped up on the internet, many recognized it as being sold by a Shenzhen-based Chinese company on Taobao.

The DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter

It is called DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter,This remote controlled flying device has a built in camera and sold in the TMall store for 3,999 yuan.

  1. Boyfriend for Hire


During the lunar New Year in China every year, friends and family gather for parties and dinners, much like at Christmas time in the West. But for those who didn’t have a boyfriend to take to these events, Taobao had lots of men offering their services as pretend boyfriends.One particular seller offered 800 yuan to go visit family in another city, 150 an hour to go shopping with you, and also would listen to your problems for 20 minutes for a fee of 50 yuan.

  1. Live Scorpions

Live scorpions

Scorpions are offered by over 800 different sellers on Taobao. Buyers seek them out for pets, such as the African emperor scorpion, or armour-tail scorpions that serve as health food. The general price for scorpions on the site is $2 for a dozen. Sellers said the scorpions would be safely packed inside containers and They also would include safe-opening instructions to teach customers how to unpack them safely upon arrival. For customers who feel frightened about live scorpions,they also have the option to receive them already fried or boiled.