CSSBuy Review: Is CSSBuy Good, Safe & Trustworthy?

cssbuy-reviewCSSBuy is a clean, slick, streamlined taobao agent that is a pleasure to use. The company has been in business for 4 years and has served customers in more than 20 countries. CSSBuy calls itself “the easy door to do business in China”.Is it? Does it live to its promises? Today, we take a closer look at Cssbuy,Read on to find out.

#1. Is This Website Easy To Use?

An extremely attractive feature of CSSBuy for the newer non-Chinese user is its “up-front” appearance.

The registration and account creation process is easy and quick,Photos and email addresses of staff agents are showcased right on the homepage.

The “Shopping Guide” details in powerpoint form the step-by-step ordering, purchasing, payment and shipping procedure for purchasers.

“Terms of Service” are written in professional English. The “Returns Policy” likewise. The customer is informed precisely of expectations and obligations, and specifically about a procedure and limitations for returning products. CSSBuy clarifies repeatedly that in its capacity as an agent, the company cannot promise that a manufacturer will fully satisfy expectations in a return/exchange situation.

#2. What Service Do They Offer?

In addition to a purchase-and-ship option subject to a service fee of 6% (of items’ price + domestic shipping to warehouse), a ship-only option with 0% service fee is also available – enabling CSS Buy as a simple shipper/handler for those shoppers with enough experience and adventure to venture out to purchase from Chinese stores on their own.

Users should note that CSSBuy does not offer a pre-packing photo service. And for the most part, the customer is contracted with acquainting him-/herself with national customs and duty regulations to expedite delivery.

#3. How Much Do They Charge?

The huge advantage of this agent remains its 6% service fee and even lower rates available for those shoppers collecting points based on purchase volume (Gold membership =5% fee based on purchases of CNY 5000+; Platinum membership, 4% fee based on CNY 50,000+; Diamond Membership, 3% fee for CNY 200,000+ purchases). Additional premiums and discounts are available through contests, for example promoting the website on social media.

#4. What Payment Methods Are Supported On CSSBuy?

Payment methods include PayPal, Western Union, WebMoney, Wire Transfer, Chinese bank transfers and Alipay recharge – most of which are subject to further service fees. All transactions are based on the Chinese yuan, so American or European credit card users working with PayPal, for example, will be responsible for additional currency-exchange commissions as well.

#5. How Is Their International Shipping?

They support DHL,EMS,China post air mail,Shipping by sea.A virtual shipping calculator based on purchase value, weight and destination showcases CSS Buy’s many proposed options.Shipping insurance and a tracking service are both offered too.

#6. Do They Have A Good Customer Service?

A “Service Board” offering direct Chat and Skype contact to individual staff is a fixed feature on the homepage.Multiple Customer Service email and Skype addresses reinforce a feeling that the agent is there for the customer.

There are also ample warnings regarding the danger of purchasing low-quality goods from non-reputable vendors. (Unlike several other Chinese shopping agents, CSSBuy does not promote a quality-ranking system for online stores. The uninitiated may find it difficult to distinguish between fake and real goods, or between trustworthy and shady third-party malls.)

#7. What Is Other Customer’s Opinion About CSSBuy?

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CSSBuy Review: Conclusion

CSSBuy does provide an impressive pricing, but a distinctive lack of information about finding Chinese shopping websites dealing in the English language may find some shoppers turning on their heels and running for a website with more ease-of-use.Therefore, CSSBuy can be a good candidate for those who already had taobao shopping experience, but I can’t recommend it for newbie.

Dear CSSBuy customers, we’d love to hear from you! Just drop a few lines in the comments.

BuyChina Review: Is BuyChina a Reliable and Legit TaoBao Agent?

buychina-reviewBuyChina calls itself an international version of the largest online store (China Taobao). For the uninitiated, it’s a no-holds-barred international eBay platform that unlocks the door to over 700 million items in the Chinese market. Website layout, navigation and usage will be familiar to western shoppers. Offering site translations in Russian and Chinese, BuyChina is bound to appeal to more markets too.

#1. Is Their Website Easy To Use And Navigate?

Using realistic imagery and high-quality photos, the homepage spotlights priority topics such as newest offerings on BuyChina; various categories of available products, ranging over uncountable subsets within apparel, computer, sports equipment, jewelry, home & garden and much more. A newsfeed of current testimonials ticks off one “perfect”, “excellent” and “great experience” comment after another.

A handy and accessible “Purchasing Demo” powerpoint-style presentation depicts a step-by-step procedure: Pick products -> Order and Pay -> Purchase -> Shipment and Delivery with examples of shopping directly from BuyChina as well as the Taobao website.

Highlights Of This Agent

  • Automated pricing options including international shipping, embedded in each line item; real-time transaction status updating the agent’s purchasing and processing steps, and items’ arrival at the BuyChina warehouse.
  • Instructions on using Google Chrome’s translation tool for those Taobao positions in Chinese-language only are great.
  • Lucid explanation on interpreting the reputation of Taobao sellers through users’ ratings based on a heart, diamond and crown system.

#2. How Much Do They Charge ?

Unlike other agencies, its charge is not based on an amount including domestic shipping fee; rather, it is 10% of item cost PLUS a 3% payment commission – fees that remain quite high above the competitors.

#3. Which Payment Method Do They Support?

The company makes an effort to build the customer relationship by offering secure and official payment methods of Visa, MasterCard, Western Union, EBANX, WebMoney and bank transfer. More payment options will be available on BuyChina in the future.

The website operates exclusively in US$. (Chinese- and Russian-language customers, as well as the Europeans, may not be so happy, but support is provided in the form of a currency-exchange rate chart.)

#4. What Shipping Method Do They Support?

Suggested methods include DHL, US Postal Service, China and Singapore EMS (express mail), Air Parcel, SAL (sea-and-land) parcel, China, Hong Kong and Singapore Post systems.

Tips on packaging and weight limitations, as well as on how to economize in the face of customs and import duty regulations, are offered in easily digested articles.

Customers are one click away from tracking their shipment thanks to an “Inquiry” link on each account page, precluding any necessity of visiting a FedEx or international post office tracking system separately.

#5. Does Their Customer Service Good?

BuyChina’s staff members are touted as being professional, friendly, reliable, and, given the sophisticated server-based processing system, customers are not tied to one particular agent, but can have inquiries handled by any team member. Customer service promises include communication via a dedicated [email protected] address, or the person-account messaging system, with a maximum response window of 24 work-hours; a commitment to support customs delays or tariffs inquiries by supplying relevant and cost-effective paperwork; a refund policy and agent support in the event of an exchange.

#6. What Did Other Customer Say About BuyChina?

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BuyChina Review: Conclusion

All in all, BuyChina looks set to deliver what it promises. Its almost obsessive focus on the customer delivers a pleasant browsing experience. The only very nebulous facet of BuyChina is its service fee-quite high above the competitors.I have mixed feelings about this taobao agent. On one hand, it has some unique capabilities you won’t see in other taobao agents, but on the other, it has a decent amount of room for growth.

Spreenow Review: Is It a Good Taobao Agent?

spreenow-reviewSpreeNow has been trading for six years, also under the name TabaoNow. Early on, from 2007, the group mounted small-scale “sprees” in various forums, and also offered a Shopping Assistance Service website. Solid past experience like this points to a potentially super Chinese shopping agency experience. It’s worth examining SpreeNow, because the devil is often in the details.

Today, we’re excited to dive into more detail about SpreeNow. Join us exploring its benefits and possible downsides.

#1. Is Their Website Easy Of Use?

Americans, Europeans and Australians accustomed to a standardized “look and feel” in terms of purchase path may find themselves initially challenged by the SpreeNow website. The site (offered in English only) could use a good going-over by an editor in terms of both language usage (grammar) and content. The “News” section boasts its most recent item, a particularly irrelevant article on repairing a ring binder, from September 2014.

One thing I find uniqueness about SpreeNow is the “+Spree It!” button. With this button,you do not have to copy and paste a URL anymore! As it says on the website all you simply need to do is:

“Drag the Spree It! button to your browser’s Bookmark Bar. Use that Spree It! button on Taobao or Tmall’s product pages. It will add any product directly to your SpreeNow Shop cart.”

#2. Is It Easy to Order Via SpreeNow?

SpreeNow have a really nifty shopping cart system that automatically calculates the total of your order without shipping.You do have to sign up with them to be able to order through them!

There is initially no trace of an efficient filtering mechanism other than a natural search by keyword. Only after an initial result is it possible to sort by price, “sale” status or popularity. The user appreciates that English titles are visible for the first several hundred items; that is, until it becomes clear that entering keywords in the Chinese language will yield many more items in the search result.

#3. How Much Do They Charge?

All prices are in Chinese yuan, with no conversion tools offered. In the Product section, prices are delineated by item price and domestic shipping price (usually 15 yuan). It’s crucial to know at this point that SpreeNow’s 10% service charge will be based on the sum of these two prices.

If you were a member on TaoBaoNow.com, you get a special 8% service fee on their new site (forever!) instead of the regular 10% fee.

#4. Shipping And Handling

One major hurdle to using this website as a beginner is that prices and costs are given exclusively in Chinese yuan. This includes calculations of shipping, done with a nifty automatic calculator for any country around the world. Yuan-only pricing leaves the foreigner a bit perplexed unless he’s stocked his online account prior to any purchase transaction.

Shipping options are limited to China Post Airmail, EMS (Chinese express), Hong Kong Post Airmail and Hong Kong Post Air Parcel.

#5. Is It Safe To Order From Spreenow?

SpreeNow is one of the few websites doing a shout-out for its online security. A “Digicert EV Secure” medallion claims to have verified the authenticity of the website and its owners, and, through SSL certificate, ensures safe information transfer.

#6. Is Their Customer Service Good?

An online Chat Support service is manned by SpreeNow between the Beijing-time hours of Monday-Friday 9am–6pm and Saturday 9am–3pm. Given a 12-hour time difference from US Eastern Daylight Time, it may be very convenient for night owls to communicate with SpreeNow, but since the SpreeNow website does not list any other communication method, a direct dialogue for other US- or South Americans could be challenging.

#7. Are SpreeNow Customers Satisfied With Their Service?

Many customers are very happy with this agent,They think Spreenow is a decent shopping service and their staff has a very good English,Some like their cart option because customers can review the prices before ordering ,removing stuff from the cart if the total is too much.A few customer feel that service fee is more expensive than other agents.I have picked some of the most helpful reviews,you can read them yourself.

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SpreeNow Review: Conclusion

Spreenow’s forte is easy to use website, quick and effective customer service. But it’s payment method is a bit complex and their commission fee is more expensive than other agents,you can see here,many agents can offer a better rate,If you expect a cheap taobao agent, Spreenow isn’t for you.if you want a reliable agent that has been tested by many customers,then this one is for you.

SGshop Review: Is It a Safe and Good Singapore Taobao Agent?

sgshop-reviewSGshop is the “most reliable & cost effective taobao agent” since 2011(their words, not mine) and they are dedicated to provide reliability, safety, cost effective and outstanding service. As the name implies, SGshop serves the Singapore and Malaysia market. It is not equipped to act as an agent for other international buyers.

In this review we will guide you through all major SGshop services and discuss the pros and cons of using this platform.

#1. Is Their Website Easy To Use And Navigate?

Exploration of SGshop begins on the homepage. First stop is an alternating full-screen graphic about fairly uninteresting topics: an incentive program to earn SGD$30; economy airfreight options; economic shipment by sea; the phrase SGshop “Easy Click”; details on order self-collection points at Japan Home stores; and an outdated Mother’s Day contest.

The most accessible feature of the SGshop website is its Shopping Guide, an interactive powerpoint-like demonstration similar to what high-end shopping agents like BuyChina offer.

#2. What Service Do They Offer?

Two specific services are available from SGshop: “Ship for Me” and “Buy for Me”,

“Ship for Me” offers no agency intervention in a customer’s direct order to China other than receipt and forwarding of goods. There is no service charge for this process.Yoybuy,another taobao agent,provides the simliar service.

“Buy for Me”, on the other hand, offers full agency support, including communication with and purchase from third-party sellers on Taobao (or similar), with consolidation/repacking of goods for shipment, and representation of the customer to the vendor in the event of post-sale issues. All these helping-hands come with an SGshop service charge from 4-8% of the goods’ cost + domestic shipping.

Pre-shipping photography and through inspection are available at an extra charge, as is a vacuum-pack service to minimize the shipping volume of bulky soft items like pillows or stuffed toys.

You get SMS notifications about successful credit top-ups into your account, when there’s a problem with your order (specifications, shipping, etc), when payment has been confirmed, when the order has arrived in SG, etc.

#3. Which Payment Method Do They Support?

Ordering and payment to SGshop take place in an online account environment much like the one that large western ecommerce sites use, with the familiar shopping cart, account access and customer profile. iBanking, Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay International, eNets and PayPal are all options with which to top up balances. The majority of these are subject to extra transaction fees.

As with most Chinese shopping agents, two separate payments are required, the first following arrival of all goods at the SGshop warehouse, and the second, covering the international shipping charges, upon dispatch of goods to Singapore.

#4. How Is Their International Shipping?

The shipment methods SGshop offers are extremely region-specific and offer an insight into the major markets that SGshop serves:

  • Express Air(DHL)
  • Economy Air
  • Special Air
  • Sea Shipment
  • Economy Sea

Once into the site, however, a tip-top selection of delivery options makes SGshop a stand-out in terms of economy.Budget Delivery sends a 3kg parcel for the nice price of SGD$3.90 – a bargain! Even smarter is the free self-collection option at a designated Singapore MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) station, accompanied by SMS notification of availability. Or self-collection at one of 20+ Japan Home stores throughout the city. Customers yearning for a more personal contact with their SGshop friends can even pick up their order at the company’s warehouse.

#5. How Is Their Customer Support?

The Customer Service team obviously places great importance on the provider-customer relationship, offering extended business hours (Monday –Friday til 8:30pm, Saturday til 5pm), a customer service phone hotline and email address, even an office/warehouse address in Singapore together with public transport details. A personal email address of an SGshop colleague is a contact for all “complaints and compliments”.

#6. What Is Other Customer’s Feedback About SGshop?

Reviews by experienced SGshop users have been posted indicating their satisfaction.They all praise the SGshop’s staff service and ability to resolve issues quickly and to customer satisfaction. here are some of the helpful reivews:

tippytapp: Shopping On Taobao With SGshop

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The following video shows you how SGshop works

SGshop Review: Conclusion

SGshop is a reliable agent with good word-of-mouth. They have easy to use website, quick and effective customer service with some very personalised service.

Overall rating for SGshop is 4.9/5 stars and it is a highly recommended agent for Singaporeans.

Rorbuy Review: Is It a Good, Safe & Trustworthy Taobao Agent?

rorbuy-reviewRORBUY is a professional shopping agent for the biggest Chinese online market taobao.com, and is one of the few online agencies dealing with customers exclusively in English. Offering a purchase-volume tiered membership discounting system, RORBUY clearly is courting quantity-buying wholesalers in addition to expanding its base of individual personal shoppers.

#1. Is Their Website Easy To Use And Navigate?

The RORBUY website is based on a smooth navigation system that will help western shoppers feel right at home: there’s conventional registration, log-in and account creation processes. A procedural chart instructs customers to select items at Chinese web stores, copy the URL and place the order on www.rorbuy.com. On the homepage, easy-to-access links to a list of a dozen “hot” items (bestsellers) show descriptions of the product on tabao.com, along with  size detail for e.g. fashionable women’s skinny jeans, a man’s bomber jacket, a purple inhaler and more.

But don’t judge a book by its cover. The beginning shopper may wonder why only a dozen items are visible when the website is trumpeting a shop of over 700 million items. And when choosing a “hot” item, the user is likely to be puzzled. If RORBUY is an English-language website, why are all these descriptions in Chinese only? Next step: search for, find and install Google Translate.

OK, a shopper has decided to purchase a pair of the cool ripped skinny jeans. Has sorted through the sizing issue and has decided that blue is a lovely color. Now clicks the “Shopping” button to place an order. RORBUY messages that the system is retrieving product info…  A screen appears with the item’s Chinese name, but with many blanks spaces. Size and color? Yes, the shopper can fill that in. Price? Hmm, one needs to return to the previous page to copy that. Shipping cost? Ugh, one needs to consult an entirely different page of the site and take a wild guess at the weight of his pending purchase. The shopper is asking: Where’s the auto-fill?

Most significantly customer-unfriendly is that virtually no direct interface to taobao.com’s entire catalogue is offered, save a small yellow button ¾ of the way down the homepage. Searching further, a small-print link at the bottom that says “Online Stores” leads to a dead-end inactive FAQ page. Keep searching! Finally, a “New User” link in a subpage navigation block leads to a descriptive list of Chinese online stores taobao.com, paipai.com, tmall.com, jd.com, dangdang.com and more. So now we know where to shop, but how to get there-? – active links are missing, so the customer opens new tabs and laboriously cuts-and-pastes.

#2. How Much Do They Charge ?

They take 10% of sales and domestic shipping fees as their service charge.The “Member Grade” program, defined a points system for each Chinese yuan spent in a six-month period on RORBUY, offers enticing service fee discounts (from 10% down to 9% for Gold Members with 1,000 points; down to 8% for Platinum/10,000 (US$1700 )  and to 7.5% for Diamond/20,000 (US$3350).

#3. Which Payment Method Do They Support?

Payment methods they support:

  • Paypal, For new customer, they only accept up to $174(including shipping) with Paypal. For VIP members, they accept up to $400(including shipping) with Paypal.
  • Credit cards via Paypal
  • Western Union,For amounts over 400 USD, they only accept WesternUnion and Wire transfer.
  • Web money
  • Wire transfer

It should be noted from the very start that customers will be subject to paying their own exchange commissions, whether it be to their credit card companies, or to Western Union up front and in addition to shipping and the RORBUY service charge.

#4. How Is Their International Shipping?

The shipping methods are only limited to the following three:

  • China Post: Air parcel
  • EMS
  • DHL

#5. How Is Their Customer Service Support?

You can text them after logging in or send them an email at [email protected]  and Office hour is 09:00-17:00,within this time frame phone customer service is also available.the phone number is +86-15322306798.

Rorbuy Review: Conclusion

Let’s face it, Rorbuy is a mixed bag. Smooth navigation is its greatest advantage But in terms of ease of use it’s less attractive than its competitors. More importantly, it’s a new player in this filed,but it still charges 10% service fee,it doesn’t seem like a good idea with so many more easy-to-use and reputable taobao agents out there.

I’d be happy to learn about your experience with this agent – just drop a comment below this post.

Engtaobao Review:Is Engtaobao a Reliable Agent Now?

engtaobao-review“Happy shop, happy life” is the mission of Engtaobao. Functioning as a service agent for overseas consumers shopping on Chinese websites, it claims to offer “flexible payment methods, competitive pricing, quality assurance, wide product range, world-class customer service, fast international shipping”.The question is, is it as good as it’s painted? We’ve put Engtaobao under the microscope.

Quick sidenote: Engtaobao is a service agent for overseas consumers shopping on Chinese websites like taobao.com,but it is not the English version of Taobao.com.

#1. Is Their Website Easy To Use And Navigate?

The user also has the quick-and-easy option to select items from the homepage’s “Hot Shopping” list. More copious details on products can begleened with help from size conversion and color charts and a vocabulary list (Chinese->English) of common products.The handy set of links to taobao.com, dangdang.com and jd.com is a welcome addition to the homepage.

However, a step-by-step chart of the purchase procedure disappoints; the links to each step (Select items, Pay Items, Engtaobao Purchases Items, Pay & Ship, Receive Parcel) are inactive — detailed information must be sought elsewhere on the website.

#2. How Much Do They Charge?

Engtaobao is one of the lowest-priced service agents, with a service fee of 6% of purchase total + domestic shipping. You can see from this chart,most of the agents will charge you 8%-10%,only a few of them charge you less than 8%. Engtaobao is one of them.

Engtaobao has a vip program like other agents,Points-based VIP and SVIP members receive benefits lowering the fee to as little as 5% – a true bargain in a wide provider field.

You should note that Engtaobao will charge you an opaque “Chinese Customs Fee” of 1% of purchase + domestic shipping which is pretty high,most of other charge you less for this fee.

#3. Which Payment Method Do They Support?

Engtaobao seems to pride itself on its secure international payment system. Alipay (Chinese third-party no-commission payment system akin to PayPal) is its foundation for processing major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, AmEx and Maestro. Payment methods of Western Union, bank transfer and PayPal may also be used.

The US dollar is the only accepted currency. A static exchange rate of 1 $US = 6.05 CNY (yuan) is posted on the homepage, with a different rate in the Toolbox’s Currency Exchange section (6.15). Unsure about that one!

#4. Do They Have A Good Customer Service?

Significant prominence is given on the homepage to the e-mail address of Engtaobao’s staff. Extended hours of operation, Monday-Friday from 9am to midnight, is a particularly nice feature.

However, without Skype or a phone number, the customer looking for quick turnaround may be left out in the cold.

#5. How Engtaobao Protect My Items? Do They Have A “Quality Guarantee” ?

Engtaobao appears to be one of the few Chinese shopping agents that does not offer a pre-packing photo service of purchased items, a feature safeguarding the customer against hefty international shipping costs for mispicked, damaged or wrongly-colored items. In effect, the only “quality guarantee” that Engtoabao.com offers is the ability to make a complaint/claim, or return products for a refund – all only after receipt. The customer is responsible for return shipping. Those shipping costs can add up.

#6. How Is Their International Shipping? Do They Offer Any Discount For EMS?

International shipping is executed with EMS, China Post air parcel or SAL (sea-and-land), and couriers UPS, DHL, FedEx and TNT.

An advertised 50% discount on shipping by EMS (Chinese express courier) makes engtaobao.com particularly attractive for the penny-pinching customer.

They have a few tips to expedite shipments through destination customs; however these suggestions are sparse and applicable only for customers in specific countries (Japan and Italy are particularly vigilant regarding counterfeit goods).

#7. What Is Other Customer’s Opinion About Engtaobao?

Here are what other users have to say about Engtaobao:

cosplayspark: Engtaobao Wig Review

itssosimple: Taobao Arrival!

Engtaobao Review: Conclusion

In the end, several important details on this website are too shaky for an overall endorsement. If a photo service, a customer service phone number or even a reliant exchange-rate chart were introduced, Engtaobao might be just right for many happy shoppers looking for a super-low service fee.

Engtaobao customer? Share your experience in the comments!

Bhiner Review:Is Bhiner a Reputable Taobao Agent in 2015?

bhiner-reviewBilled as a professional Taobao agent helping international buyers to order products from Taobao.com, the focus of Bhiner is its offer of a seamless, simple shopping experience.Bhiner’s advertises its top features as:

  • Responsiveness – Shopping from anywhere by mobile phone or iPad (Note: it is probably “Convenience” that is meant.)
  • Passionate staff – Dealing with people who care about the customer
  • Pictures before delivery to reduce the risk of receiving incorrect items
  • Simplicity – providing a user-friendly platform

Check, check, check, check. But how do these features fit into the grand scheme of ordering from Bhiner?

#1. Is Their Website Easy Of Use?

The Bhiner website design reflects this streamlining. The homepage has a modern feel emphasizing a stylish yet carefree shopping experience. Featured products are minimalistic in their presentation. It’s like leafing through a high-end women’s fashion catalogue.

It’s a snap to throw a product into a registered account holder’s shopping cart.  The shopping cart experience is a pleasant one. The integrated message/e-mail functions for remarks and questions to Bhiner about cart items is a welcome and convenient addition.

Unfortunately, informational sections of the website also trend towards the minimalistic: both the “How Bhiner Works” and the FAQ pages are “coming soon”.

Lacking a comprehensive, filterable list of product categories complicates the search process, a process run exclusively via keyword search. The only available filter is one based on price range.

#2. How Much Do They Charge?

First, Bhiner’s 5% (price of goods + domestic shipping) service charge is one of the lowest in the business.

Second, Bhiner is one of the few agents who clarifies the risks of purchasing and importing possibly illegal imitation goods.

Third, detailed and informative Customs and Duty tips on the Bhiner website helps shoppers detour around potential high-cost taxes and time-consuming local customs inspections.

#3. How Is Their Customer Service?

A close examination of the Bhiner website yields few clues on how to contact Customer Service. The bottom of the “Help” section notes that staff members are ready to answer questions by email or Skype contact. Otherwise, the Bhiner message box and message/email functions are available after account login. A local clock on the Bhiner homepage shows current online availability of customer service agents, as long as it’s between 9am and 6pm.

They have a translation service which translates Chinese to English or you can email them at [email protected] for your target item.

#4. What Payment Methods Are Supported On Bhiner?

Payment methods range from PayPal to popular credit cards, bank transfers, MoneyGram, and Western Union – although most incur service charges or are subject to minimum amounts.

#5. What Shipping Methods Do They Support?

Bhiner support the following shipping methods: DHL, EMS, Aramex, UPS, Fedex, China Post: Air parcel, SAL parcel, HongKong Post, Bhiner Express. They offer 40% Discount discount on certain shipping methods.

The handy tool of an automated approximate shipping-price calculator based on product cost, parcel weight and destination provides a quick, comparative result for costs and delivery times to any destination.

#6. Are Bhiner Customers Happy With Their Service?

Customers seemed to be pleased with their service and their website. They were also happy with the pricing, saying that it was good agent and worth the money. However there have been complaints over their domestic shipping fee and some customers have found they were over charged for this fee.

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To learn more about How Bhiner Taobao Agent Works,check out this video.

Bhiner Review: Conclusion

Overall, I would give Bhiner a 4.0/5.0! They were helpful and quick to reply and their service fees were very reasonable. I deducted a point for two reasons:

1. Their domestic delivery charges seem to be a little more expensive than the taobao sellers advertise them as.

2. Not one of the usage tutorials touted in the “Help” section are actually available (yet), so first-time users may be reluctant to cross the threshold into a foreign shopping experience unless they are adventurous, intuitive explorers.

YoyBuy Review: Is YoyBuy a Reliable and Trustworthy TaoBao Agent?

yoybuy-reviewIf you’re wondering if Yoybuy can help you easily and safely buy items from China, then this Yoybuy review will answer your question.

If you haven’t heard of Yoybuy, where have you been hiding? (Just kidding)

Let’s dive right into my thoughts….

#1. How Long Does YouBuy Exist and How Big Is This Company?

YOYBUY is launched in Beijing in 2008 and the number of stuff was only 2 at first which has now rise to 200 having the site’s employee’s average age-25.

I use chinese search engine to search this website,and found that it belongs to a company named Beijing You Bei Network Technology Co., Ltd.

and I did a little research on the internet,and did not find any scam or fraud complaints of this company.Althrough there are some negative feedbacks from the real users,but that doesn’t mean the entire company is a scam or fraud ,right?

#2. Is This Website Easy To Use?

Yes,A sophisticated website with lots of bells and whistle, YoyBuy is modeled on the style of American websites. Featuring an online account template and familiar Shopping Cart experience, YoyBuy speaks to a large global population with expendable income, offering website versions in Chinese, English, Russian and Spanish.

#3. What Service Do They Offer?

They have two kinds of services: One is the typical taobao agent service and the other one is forwarding service.

I have already explained how to use a typical taobao agent,you can read the details here: Order Procedure Of A Taobao Agent.

Their forwarding service is really a good one which allows you to have an address in China for free. You can buy items from taobao yourself.After reaching at your forwarded address the items will be then shipped to you.

#4. How Much Do They Charge?

This post gave a detailed introduction of the fees involved in using the taobao agent.there is also a table in this post that listed all the agent’s pricing information.you can easily find yoybuy there.

#5. What Kind Of Payment Methods Are Supported On Yoybuy?

Payment methods possible with Yoybuy.com:

  • Visa credit card
  • Master credit card
  • QIWI
  • Western Union
  • Web money
  • Wire transfer

Sadly,Paypal is not on their list,which is really sometimes troublesome as it is more convenient and safer.

#6. Does Their Customer Service Good?

Yoybuy provides

  • Live chat: from 9:30a.m. to 18:00p.m (CST: China Standard Time), 7 days a week, Monday to Sunday
  • Email Support:  [email protected]
  • Phone support: +86-10-56147027

#7. Most Helpful Customer Reviews

I have listed most of the customer’s feedback here,you can read them yourself.

Yoybuy Review: Conclusion

Yoybuy is one of the most trusted names in the industry. It does build clean and easy to use website. However, their service fee is a little bit high and they don’t support paypal.So if you are more concerned about the cost, take a look at a few other options here.

Dear Yoybuy users, I’d love to hear from you ! Please share your experience in the comments.