MisterTao Review: Is MisterTao a Safe and Good TaoBao Agent?

mistertao-reviewMisterTao administers “shopping from China”. Advertising access to over 800 million products from Chinese Taobao websites, MisterTao was founded in 2011 by the company BuyinCoins.com, is staffed by experienced e-commerce experts and is endeavoring to be the #1 taobao agent. The major selling point of MisterTao is their masterful implementation of a relatively user-friendly online ordering system which will be familiar to western users.is it as good as it’s painted? We’ve put MisterTao under the microscope.

#1. Is Their Website Easy To Use And Navigate?

Three website language versions (Chinese, English and Russian) are available. The “My Account” and “Shopping Cart” setups are welcoming and Amazon-store-like in their presentation.

Easy-order and easy-pay. That’s the name of the game with MisterTao. A Quick Order mechanism allows for an easy copy-and-paste of any taobao.com URL to toss an item into the shopping cart.

Ordering instructions and operational procedures are super-easy to access via a simple cartoon graphic linking to detailed explanations on step-by-step ordering.

Facility of website usage is just the start. What customers really look for in a Chinese online shopping agent is shipping/insurance transparency, payment security, and finally, a reasonably-priced commission structure. The big question is: does MisterTao offer it all? Let’s dive into more details.

#2. How Much Do They Charge?

At 8%, the commission of this agent appears to be a bargain, and therewith one of the most reasonably-priced Chinese shopping agents to be found.. That is, until the shopper or wholesaler digs laboriously through the website to note the details: 8% commission applies not on the purchase price + domestic shipping fee total (as is the case for the competition), but rather on the purchase price + international shipping fee total. This rather unexpected fee schedule will be off-putting for many personal buyers; for wholesalers looking to import Chinese goods this will be a major deal-breaker.

Incentives like MisterTao’s Affiliate Program (offering referrers and referees 50% commission discount on their first order only) and a VIP membership (that kicks in after purchases of $1,000) don’t make the pot any sweeter.

#3. Which Payment Method Do They Support?

Customers’ online accounts are held in $US, and can be stocked up using major credit cards like MasterCard, Visa etc., as well as WebMoney. Western Union transfers are accepted only for orders over $1000.Again reflecting MisterTao’s major markets, QIWI (the leading provider of payment services in Russia ) is also an accepted payment method.

They do not take payments from PayPal which creates a bit of difficulties as most other online shopping sites mainly take payments through PayPal.

Payment “security” terms & conditions leave the user with a sinking feeling of insecurity: the fine print remarks that payment processing services are provided by BuyinCoins. Not exactly a renowned transactional security provider.

#4. How Is Their International Shipping?

The shipment methods MisterTao offers are extremely region-specific and offer an insight into the major markets that MisterTao serves: China Post Air Mail, SAL Parcel and Air Bag Parcel; the Chinese express mail service EMS; Singapore Post; Russia Post registered mail.

Bits and pieces of information on the website lead the user to believe that registered post to other countries is also available. However, the familiar international standbys FedEx and DHL are noticeably missing from the list of shipment options, making MisterTao’s claim of shipment to virtually any country appear to be less than dependable.

#5. Does Their Customer Service Good?

They have online chat option from Friday to Monday and the time frame is (GMT+8) 9:00 am – 11:00 am and 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm. They prefer to do conversation in English or Russian and will get back to your messages within 24-48 hours. You can also send them emails at [email protected]

#6. What Is Other Customer’s Feedback About MisterTao?

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MisterTao Review: Conclusion

The forte of MisterTao is the ease-of-use and Russian customer support, However, there are things that can be inconvenient:they don’t support FedEx and DHL as the courier,Paypal is not an option for payment. So, weigh the pros and cons for using this platform, read other customers reviews, or simply test the platform yourself to get a better idea about this taobao agent service.

Taobaotrends Review: Is Taobaotrends a Trustworthy Agent Today?

taobaotrends-reviewTaobaotrends has been in business as a Chinese B2C and C2C sourcing and shipping agent for 4 years. It aims to serve international buyers who are experienced in taobao transactions, therewith eliminating much of the lengthy explanation texts that overinflate the websites of the competition.

Whether you lack the time, money or technical skills to create a website, Aircus can help you design and publish your site in minutes – no coding necessary. Is it a good option for you? In this article we’re taking a closer look at the areas that may impact your decision.

#1. What’s the Highlights of Taobaotrends?

  • Tabaotrends communicate with the seller at the buyer’s direction;
  • Communicate feedback to the shopper by email;
  • Orders items at the shopper’s direction, taking photos of the actual goods if requested;
  • Checks the products for defects prior to consolidating for shipping;
  • Sends the tracking number to the customer;
  • And invoices the buyer twice (once for the goods and once for shipping).

#2. Is Their Website Easy To Use And Navigate?

The Tabaotrends website takes a minimalist point of view. Navigation is short and sweet: How to Buy. Payment & Fees. Shipping. That’s it! No currency conversion tools, no unwieldy and innumerable shipping option cost multipliers

Shoppers are required to create an account and password. An easy cutting-and-pasting of the URL of a chosen product suffices to start filling the online shopping cart. The user menu within the purchase application is clean and slick. And, come to think of it, who really needs anything more than Submit Order / Shopping Cart / Order Histories / Shipping Address / Profile? There’s no need for drawn-out explanatory notes or policy details.

#3. How Much Do They Charge ?

Tabaotrends have 10% service fee of the total item cost and domestic shipping fee, meaning within China only. Their minimum service charge is 35RMB.

A hidden cost that may not become apparent until it’s time to fork over payment is the slightly higher-than-bank rate currency exchange with which Taotrends calculates. Their background explanation is that this elevated exchange covers their 3% PayPal fees.

#4. Which Payment Method Do They Support?

Shoppers may feel a bit put off by the small number of payment methods Taotrends offers: only PayPal and Western Union. However, included in the PayPal option is the ability to charge to popular credit cards including MasterCard, Visa and Discover.

#5. How Is Their International Shipping? Do They Offer Any Discount For EMS?

Taotrends’ recommended shipment method is EMS, which ships to 182 countries. The 40-50% EMS discount that Taotrends offers sounds attractive too. International couriers like DHL, UPS, TNT and Fedex may also be chosen by the customer, but are not nearly as cost effective as EMS.

A major marketing point of this agent is their claim to offer the biggest discount available on the EMS Chinese express mail service – between 40 and 50%, subject to each individual situation. If applicable, these savings represent a whopping price advantage since courier rates from China to, say, the US, normally start at around US$ 70 for a 500g package.

#6. How’s Taobaotrends’s Customer Support?

For the uninitiated, the prospect of ordering from a website offering no more customer service than an email address may appear daunting. There are no Skype or messaging contact options, so it seems superfluous to be told that “Working Time” is 10am to 8pm, Monday – Friday. Nonetheless for the do-it-yourselfer who’s done it all before and needs little or no hand-holding, Tabaotrends offers a refreshing, independent shopping experience.

A page of shopping “Tips” is a welcome guide for anyone looking to get the most of their taobao experience: buy robust, high-caliber items, look for quality indicators in the product descriptions, and stick with sellers whose high reputation has been recognized in their online presentations.

#7. What Is Other Customer’s Feedback About Taobaotrends?


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Taobaotrends Review: Conclusion

Overall, I would give Taobaotrends a 4.5/5.0! They have great customer service and always respond quickly,They are very swift with updating order statuses so that you don’t have to constantly check the site for updates to the order.but their website looks outdated and I do think they should remodel their site a bit.As usually, I highly recommend you check this website yourself to see whether or not it’s the best fit for your needs.

Taobaofocus Review: Is It a Legit TaoBao Agent & Reliable?

taobaofocus-reviewTaobaoFocus is an agent for online shopping in China. It pegs its mission as “to help and allow more international buyers to enjoy shopping on Taobao, China’s largest online marketplace.” Obviously expert at targeting worldwide buyers, its appeal to the growing Middle Eastern market is a big plus point. It is now offering a website translation in Arabic in addition to the more usual English, Russian, French and Spanish.

Join us exploring TaobaoFocus in detail to see how it is differentiated from the competition.

#1. Is Their Website Easy To Order ?

Overseas shoppers accustomed to retail websites boasting easy navigation and contact points will feel right at home at TaobaoFocus. It’s “shop til you drop” 3000 miles from home – without ever leaving the house.The extremely well edited English website version is text-heavy but speaks in well-defined terms.

The order system on TaobaoFocus ensures a smooth shopping experience. Calling on a universally recognized account registration and shopping cart structure, shoppers will need no introduction to ordering procedure.

Additional features inherent in this fun excursion include:

  • The capability to enter comments/receive replies directly on the order page;
  • Multiple delivery address option;
  • Order processing updates per e-mail;
  • Standard pre-shipping sharing of ordered item’s photos;
  • And a “Save Shopping Cart” function to preserve interrupted online sessions.
  • Categories of Taobao shopping opportunities — e.g. tea, wedding dresses, men’s shoes – are expertly delineated to support non-Chinese users.

#2. How Much Do They Charge ?

Service fees of 10% (of product costs + domestic shipping) are by no means competitive with some other agencies. And since all calculated and estimated costs presented on the website are expressed in RMB only, it’s difficult for any first-time customer unfamiliar with the Chinese yuan exchange to assess in advance how much of his local currency will actually disappear from his bank account.

TaobaoFocus is one of the few overseas shopping websites to articulate its policies surrounding Refunds and Privacy in official terms.

#3. Which Payment Method Do They Support?

Payment methods are the most varied of any Chinese agent’s site: PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, JCB, WebMoney, RBK Money and Western Union are all accepted forms of payment.

#4.What Did They Post On Their Blog?

The general appeal to an overseas shopping public is reflected in the website’s blog. It is here that the curious user can read about local customs and lifestyle in posts about, for example, Chinese New Year. This blog is also designed to be a community-builder. Promotions and contests for “Share your Language”, Valentine’s Day or International Women’s Day are themed to speak to customers from all around the globe.

#5. How Is Their Customer Service Support?

TaobaoFocus seeks to put them to rest with a very American-style, customer-friendly template. Citing Live Support Chat (available 10am to 10pm China time, Monday-Friday), a how-to-order tutorial, copious FAQs, a guarantee that Claims & Complaints will be handled properly – and finally – the Terms & Conditions to back themselves up, TaobaoFocus puts users’ minds at rest.

The TaobaoFocus staff promise to help with translation as well: if a shopper is stymied by a puzzling translation on Taobao, TaobaoFocus will hone in on the relevant products, speak with the seller and relate requested information back to the buyer.

#6. What Did Other Customer Say About TaobaoFocus?

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To see How TaobaoFucus Works watch this short video clip.

TaobaoFocus Review: Conclusion

TaobaoFocus’s forte is easy to navigate website, qucik reply,but their website looks outdated and I do think they should remodel their site a bit.their service price is 10%,which is one of the highest among all the agents,you can see this taobao agent pricing comparison table,most of other agents charge less than 10%.As usually, I highly recommend you check this website yourself to see whether or not it’s the best fit for your needs.

Frugirls Review: Is Frugirls Good, Safe & Trustworthy?

frugirls-reviewFrugirls serves the international community as a professional purchasing agent for purchasing virtually any product from online China. Frugirls’ name is evocative of their service: frugal-minded folks will love the cheap prices associated with Chinese website goods, and will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it can be to buy from China.Frugirls provides services for all kinds of clients from all over the world, including individuals, companies and wholesalers. The service claims to guarantee safe and accurate transactions and expedited shipping.

Today, we bring you a review of Frugirls. What features differentiate it from the competition? Let’s find out.

#1. How Does Their Website Look Like?

FruGirls certainly takes its professionalism seriously, and keeps exclusively its customers in mind starting with its website design.

  • The privacy-protective registration and log-in procedure which westerners have come to expect in online shopping is a major attraction of frugirls.com.
  • A simple Amazon-like product category dropdown provides effective search filtering.
  • Nice extras like instant translation of the English site into Chinese, Russian, Spanish and French brighten everyone’s browsing mood.
  • And there’s even a built-in calculation for those quick subtotaling and conversion issues.

#2. Is It Easy to Order Via Frugirls?

While new customers will be delighted to find the familiar Shopping Cart symbol on the website, the handy Ordering Tutorial really takes the cake in terms of easy access. A cleverly placed tool allows for “Quick Orders” via a fast copy-and-paste of a Taobao URL. With literally no fussing in terms of manual order form fill-in, the ordering process is one-screen, accurate and automatic.

#3. How Much Do They Charge For Their Service?

Truly frugal shoppers will appreciate the relatively low 6% (of product cost + domestic shipping) service fee.

#4. Do They Have Any Discount Program?

Yes,The truly loyal penny-pincher can get deeply discounted rates on service and delivery fees through redemption of rewards points. Points may be accrued on everything from site registration to referral of friends.

Customers are rewarded loyalty points on video-creation and YouTube upload expounding on their shopping experience. And sharing FruGirls’ promotional message to all types of social networks is handsomely rewarded for any customer with 100+ friends or subscribers.

#5. What Payment Method Do They Accept?

Accepted payment is by credit card, Western Union, Web Money and wire transfer only. No PayPal available.

The company, however, offers a watertight returns and exchange policy for its account holders and commits to a 100% reliable service. Online payment security is guaranteed thanks to credit card processing by Alipay, an affiliate company of Alibaba.

#6. Which Shipping Method Do They Support?

Order fulfillment is by customer choice of EMS (Chinese express mail courier), Air-Mail Small, Air-Mail Express, SAL (Sea-and-Land), DHL, UPS and TNT.

The website’s postage cost calculator is a handy tool allowing a direct apples-to-apples comparison between services based on shipment value, weight and destination.

#7. Is Their Customer Service Good?

Despite all the apparent procedural, pricing and promotional “pluses” of FruGirls, I am left feeling a bit abandoned once I’ve clicked “submit” on my shopping cart and placed my order. Given the potential for cultural and linguistic misunderstandings, I would prefer to be coddled with my own personal agent rather than having to rely on an anonymous [email protected] contact address to resolve problems which may arise.

Skype is also advertised as a contact method, but what company makes themselves available 24/7 on Skype to accommodate a customer on the other side of the world? Granted, the nicely stocked toolkit on the FruGirls website is wonderful to help customers check textile colors against a multi-rainbowed chart, estimate their order weight, track their shipment, even translate Chinese product words into the vernacular. However, I (and many customers ) would also value a dialogue with a dedicated agent.

#8. Do Frugirls Customers Like Their Service?

I didn’t find many feedbacks from the customers online,there are some on youtube,you can check those reviews before making the final decision:

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Frugirls Review: Conclusion

Overall, I would give Frugirls a 4.0/5.0! Their website is professional and their service fees were very reasonable.However, its customer support can scare away many potential customers. As usually, I highly recommend you check this website yourself to see whether or not it’s the best fit for your needs.

TaobaoSpree Review: Is it Legit, Safe & Trustworthy?

taobaospree-reviewTaobaoSpree.com has been around for quite some time (since 2009), attesting to its popularity and success as a shopping service agent. Facilitating purchases by overseas shoppers buying Chinese products is their one and only business. TaobaoSpree prides itself on “Being a Good Agent”. And judging from shopper feedback, they accomplish this with flying colors.

In this review we will guide you through all major TaobaoSpree features and discuss the pros and cons of using this agent.

#1. Is Their Website Easy Of Use?

Helpful tips included on the website include links and teaching pages for translation tools; size conversion charts for men’s and women’s clothing and shoes, and links to shipment tracking. Sue, the boss of this amazing business, has truly thought of everything the international shopper may need.

And the process is so transparent, from the colorful cartoon imagery depicting ordering procedure on the TaobaoSpree homepage, down to the attentive communication from customer service reps.

#2. Is It Easy to Order via TaobaoSpree?

you need to download the Excel order form to fill in your information, the products links and their prices. You can find the links here.there is no unwieldy online registration or password creation needed.Taobaospree had a more tedious spreadsheet order form you would have to use to submit your order.

Customers can request that photos be taken of their ordered items prior to shipping, and service reps are happy to comply, sending these on to customers, schedule permitting.

To protect against glaring purchase mishaps, TaobaoSpree happily has a robust returns/exchanges policy in place too.

#3. How Much Do They Charge For Their Service?

Taobaospree has a 10% shopping service fee with a minimum of 50 Chinese yuan (about US$ 8),which is pretty standard among most shopping services.Optional insurance runs 5% of the total cost.

#4. What Payment Methods Do They Accept?

TaobaoSpree accepts PayPal (also including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and AmEx) in US$ for US customers; otherwise HK$. Western Union, MoneyGram and bank transfer also accepted.

#5. What Shipping Methods Do They Offer?

Customers choose from a wide variety of shipping options, including the Chinese courier service EMS; international shippers DHL, Fedex, UPS and TNT, China Post (insurance not available with this service) and, through special arrangement, HKEMS, Asia Special Line and European Special Line. A special promotion entitles the shopper to a 40% discount on each order shipped via EMS.

#6. How’s TaobaoSpree’s Customer Support?

TaobaoSpree.com offers a variety of contact methods including e-mail to one’s personal agent; Facebook messaging; Twitter; and a dedicated feedback webpage. There’s even a “live help” app.TaobaoSpree team is available from 9am to 6pm Monday-Friday and endeavors to answer all e-mails as quickly as possible.

Every customer has a dedicated agent who is available for one-on-one communication via e-mail. (Customer service agents Cici and Ray appear to be long-time members of the organization, again reflecting the high standard of this company.)

Obviously keen to engage customers and cultivate an ongoing relationship, TaobaoSpree hosts a lively Facebook page, offers monthly giveaways of client products like kitchenware, and spotlights a NewsFeed on their homepage informing of anomalies in business hours or shipping schedules due to local Chinese holiday.

#7. What Their Customers Say About TaobaoSpree?

Some of their customers shared their experience with TaobaoSpree,and I’ve picked some of them,you can view their opinion before you take further action.

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Check out this video to see How to order from taobao spree.

TaobaoSpree Review: Conclusion

TaobaoSpree is a robust agent with good word-of-mouth. Its most positive sides are quick responses,friendly customer support and speed of service. However, the shopping service fee is fairly high and the order process is debatable,some think their ordering process is simple and easy to use,some think spreadsheet order form is tedious and easy to get confused.

Overall rating for TaoBaoSpree is 4.9/5 stars and it is a highly recommended agents especially if you are a first time buyer.

If you have any additional questions or thoughts, please leave a comment below. Thanks!

TaobaoRing Review: Is TaobaoRing a Reliable and Legit TaoBao Agent?

taobaoring-reviewTaobaoRing is one of the top reliable agent in China that helps you buy items from Taobao and many other Chinese online shops all over the world. It was founded on 2011 with the start up of six employees with average age of 22-29.

What makes TaobaoRing unique? Is it suited to you? Join us exploring taobaoring in detail to see how it is differentiated from the competition.

#1. Is Their Website Easy To Use ?

It is very easy to order on their website because of the order process part. They have this chart:

taobaoring order process

Under that chart there are seven steps on explaining very well what will happen on each part of the order process.

They will also notify you within the day if one or some of your items are not available anymore.

They have a unique crawler system which can grasp the taobao items price precisely. When you have discount for some items, their system will automatically minus the discount to your total invoice price.

#2. How Much Do They Charge For Their Service?

Taobaoring have 8% service fee of the total item cost and domestic shipping fee. Obviously,Price is not their selling point,if you want lower price,you can choose from this chart,some agents have better price.

Their minimum service charge is 30RMB. Their insurance fee is optional only.

I would recommend you to accept their insurance when you buy high value goods since its only 5% of all the cost (items cost + domestic shipping fee + our service fee + international shipping fee). Better be safe than sorry, right?

#3. What Payment Methods Do They Accept?

When you are ordering online you need to always check the website’s payment methods. What I love about taobaoring is that they offer a lot of payment methods which are PayPal, Western Union, MoneyGram, WebMoney, and Bank Transfer. Their paypal Payment transaction charge is 4.4% + 0.3 USD.

You can enjoy 7% of service charge when you pay via Western Union with the amount of single payment is more than 2,000$.

#4. What Shipping Methods Do They Offer?

They offer a lot of couriers for shipment. These are EMS, Airmail, Air, Surface, SAL, DHL, Aramex, and SF(ShunFeng).

Above all these couriers they recommend EMS for its fast, safe and reliable advantage. You can get a discount up to 40% off official EMS shipping rates. I also suggest EMS because this courier really have an excellent service!

#5. How’s TaobaoRing’s Customer Support?

All final orders are processed within 12 hours. They also have these Online Help Box on the lower left side, where you can chat with their employee via QQ or skype.

Their employees are very accomodating. You can also email them and get a reply within 30 minutes to 12 hours(I have tested!).

Another good thing about them is their  free pre-packing photo service,Once you have paid your orders, they will automatically send you a photo of all your orders packed before shipping.You can then check if items were mispicked, damaged or wrongly-colored.Most of agents will charge a fee for this service.

#6. What Did Their Customers Say About TaobaoRing?

Customers seemed to be pleased with TaobaoRing, most found agents were very patient and understanding. They were also happy with the shipping method, saying that they have a shipping method most agents don’t offer: SEA (surface) shipping . However there have been complaints over the hidden domestic fees and no instant chat. I have listed some of their reviews here,you can check it out by your own:

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The video below from Nyanase has a good summary of How to buy from TaoBao through Taobaoring and also provides tips on how to track Your Order.

TaobaoRing Review: Conclusion

Overall, we really like TaobaoRing because we like companies that truely care about their customers. It has unique crawler system, free pre-packing photo, and fast email response.TaobaoRing is a great choice if you’re about to choose a agent that has a balance between price and service.

Do you have any additional questions or thoughts for TaobaoRing, If so, please leave a comment below to communicate with us.