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Hi Eric, Recently Taobao has been specifically blocking one 3rd party …

Comment on 36 Things China Taobao Can’t Ship Internationally by kyle.

Hi Eric,

Recently Taobao has been specifically blocking one 3rd party transformer toy company called Fanstoys products from being purchased by overseas buyers. Many other similar products from other companies can be purchased but they seem to have singled out Fantoys in particular to block. I asked customer service to start an inquiry as to why. Not sure if I’ll ever hear back.

As you have said, It doesn’t really stop anyone form purchasing these products. You can get around it by going thru a forwarding agent but then we are just forced to pay their much higher shipping rates rather than going thru taobao partners zhongshan or JCEX. It doesn’t make sense to me why taobao would start blocking one company in particular. Would you have any insight?

Here’s an example of virtually the same product from 2 different companies:
Company is DX9 can be purchased:
Fanstoy can not be purchased:

Thank you

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If I pick UPS shipping from the JCEX forwarder, do you know if it is actually UPS that does the last leg of the delivery to my home? The problem I ran into when I chose USPS, is that the us postal service doesn’t require a signature upon delivery. I’m not at my home during the day so packages may get stolen (it has in the past). If it is actually UPS doing the last leg of the delivery, I can probably have it sent to a UPS store for pick up.

Thank you

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