Hello, thank you so much for this helpful site! I …

Comment on How to Return the Goods from Warehouse to Taobao Seller? by Emi.

Hello, thank you so much for this helpful site! I tried purchasing 11 things from 1 seller, and the package was rejected by the warehouse for contraband. So I managed to request a refund for all the items, and the seller approved. Now I’m trying to fill out the refund application/return form and at step 2 I keep getting the Submit Order Failed error. I THINK I’m filling it out correctly…
This is the return address I have: 抱熊氏, 17719055255, 河南省三门峡市湖滨区 虢国路植物园南门(请尽量使用韵达快递,不收到付件), 472000
So I’m using 抱熊氏 as the name, then on the 2nd row I am selecting 河南省, 三门峡市, and 湖滨区
Then for the rest of the address on line 4 I pasted in 虢国路植物园南门
And I’m using 472000 as the zip code.
For the phone number, I see this listed on one of the refund approvals: 联系电话:
13683825455 <– I think that is a cell number? I put that in for the phone number on line 5. But line 6 has 3 fields to fill in and looks like it's also asking for a phone number, and I can't find anything to put in there?
Any help would be appreciated!

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