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Hi Eric Thanks for your great website. A couple of questions …

Comment on 36 Things China Taobao Can’t Ship Internationally by Marky.

Hi Eric

Thanks for your great website. A couple of questions for regarding my parcel forwarding supplier.

For the past few months, they have happily forward packages including used Music CDs and also second-hand vinyl records. These have been declared as music items within the shipping dashboard before export from China. All 39 packages have been received with no issue.
Now all of a sudden the warehouse in China has decided these are ‘prohibited items’ and refuse to forward my packages on. I am disputing this because they have previously had no issue, and all items have been actively declared (so it’s not like they didn’t know what they were shipping).

For the two types of items being sent, there seem to be different rules:
– CDs: are ALL types of CDs on the official list of restricted items? Or are music CDs ok? There are many sellers of music CDs online who have been shipping internationally from China for many years.
– Vinyl music records. There doesn’t seem to be any language indicating these are restricted.

Can you help clarify? Thanks!

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