More details about Pandabuy raid have been revealed(They’ve been preparing for this raid for six months!!)

Cantoop, a Chinese IPR protection service company, is the partner of this raid on pandabuy, their article today discloses some details of the raid:

1. The whole preparation took 6 months, since last October, 16 brands asked Cantoop to investigate pandabuy.

2. Sixty people from the Shanghai police spent 6 months investigating pandabuy and its suppliers thoroughly.

3. The raid is spread over 5 cities in China, involving more than 2,200 people and warehouse area of 100,000 square meters, equivalent to nearly 20 soccer fields.

4. On April 11, 2024, more than 200 Shanghai police officers, assisted by local police, raided the Pandabuy offices and warehouses as planned, and more than 30 key suspects were held under criminal coercion.

5. While inspecting Pandabuy’s warehouse, the police found millions of parcels ready to ship. These parcels contained more than 200 products from different brands. More than 1,700 Pandabuy employees were working at the time of the raid.

6. As of today, hundreds of investigators per day have spent more than two weeks inspecting the seized parcels, and it is expected to take several months before all the parcels in the warehouse are inspected and moved to government warehouses for further action.

My view is that it is almost impossible for pandabuy and his affiliated sites to be alive. Their leaders have been detained by the police, which pretty much means they are going to jail. And, as I read on social media , pandabuy has already started to massively firing their employees now.

Frankly, pandabuy’s website and services are excellent, and their marketing is very well done, but they chose to get into the business of replicas and knockoffs, which has led to their end.

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