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I don’t think they can. …

Comment on Taobao Global Consolidation and Shipping by Eric.

I don’t think they can.

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Comment on Taobao Global Consolidation and Shipping

If you use the seller’s shipping method, most sellers will not ship because they do not support international shipping.

Comment on Taobao Global Consolidation and Shipping

I see that their official shipping rate is 90 yuan per kg now to the USA, so your price is right.

Air shipping to the US is very expensive now, shipping to Amazon FBA is almost two to three times more expensive than before.

You can either return it or find a third-party shipping agent and have the warehouse send it to your shipping agent.

Comment on Taobao Global Consolidation and Shipping

If you think your charges are not acceptable, you can contact your warehouse and ask why.

For some places, the warehouse will charge some tax(Customs tax or GST) in advance.

This can also cause you to pay more than the calculated fee.

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Comment on Top 5 Best Taobao Agent of 2021 (with Pros and Cons)

Hi, Chi, thank you for your feedback, this is very important information, I have updated it in the article.

Comment on How to Extend the Payment Period in Taobao?

I found some answers on the Internet, the confirmation time is related to the shipping method seller chooses.

If the shipping method is EMS, the automatic order confirmation time is 15 days; if the shipping method is express, the automatic order confirmation time is 10 days; if the shipping method is surface mail, the automatic order confirmation time is 30 days.

Comment on 4 Ways to Pay on Taobao

then you can create an Alipay account firstly.

Comment on How To Buy Directly From Taobao:The Complete Guide 2021

You need to record information such as:

1. Screenshots of order information
2. your aliwangwang ID
3. Your chat history with the seller
4. The seller’s aliwangwang ID
5. The seller’s WeChat ID or mobile phone number

In this way, after a few months, if your Taobao account is blocked or frozen, you can still contact the seller on WeChat to pay the rest and let the seller send the goods to the third-party agent’s warehouse.

I don’t know what your Taobao seller’s refund rules are, you need to check with him.

The cost refers to the rate of that shipping method, you see 58 yuan is only the minimum charge, you will only know the final international shipping cost after the warehouse receives your order, measures it, and calculates it.

Comment on 36 Things China Taobao Can’t Ship Internationally

I don’t think they support shipping mirrors. and sorry I don’t know which agent supports shipping mirrors, you need to ask them yourself.

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