Tmall Membership Levels & Benefits

If you have previously made a purchase on Tmall and have filled out your complete personal information, then you are eligible to be activated as a Tmall member. Tmall membership entitles you to enjoy exclusive birthday privilege, service privilege, brand privilege, trading privilege and other exclusive privileges.


Currently there are four tiers of memberships, namely T1, T2, T3 and T4:

T1 Tmall member only needs to meet the conditions for joining;

T2 Tmall member must gain at least 1,500XP and make a purchase for at least 3 times in a year;

T3 Tmall member must gain at least 8,000XP and make a purchase for at least 6 times in a year;

T4 Tmall member must gain at least 22,000XP and make a purchase for at least 18 times in a year;

Note: If you make several transactions in a single day, it is considered as one time.

2. How to gain experience points?

There are 4 ways of gaining experience points:


The calculation of XP when you make a purchase: For items below 5 yuan, no XP will be rewarded; for items with a unit price of 5-150 yuan, you’ll gain 1XP for every yuan; for items with a unit price of 150-400, you’ll gain 1.5XP for every yuan; for items with a unit price above 400 yuan, you’ll gain 2XP for every yuan.


XP rewarded when you log in: When you log in from the homepage, you will be rewarded with 5XP, for at most once per day.


Additional XP rewarded: If you make 3 or more purchases in a month, you will be rewarded with an additional 100XP.


XP rewarded when you comment: For each time you leave a comment, you will be rewarded with 5XP.

3. Member benefits

Tmall provides a lot of privileges for members of different tiers. Here, let me elaborate on just a few which could be useful for foreign users.

3.1. Return warranty card

Tmall gives a different number of free return warranty cards to its members of various tiers. T1 members will get 1 card, T2 members will get 2 cards, T3 members will get 3 cards, and T4 members will get 4 cards.

However, this return card is only valid for domestic use. If you want a refund from other countries, you may only get a 5-18 yuan of domestic charges refund.

3.2. Tmall points

Once you have become a Tmall member, you will start to gain points whenever you make a purchase from The points accumulated can be used as cash on your next purchase.

3.3. Birthday privileges

On your birthday month, Tmall will gift you a double-point card. Anytime when you purchase anything from Tmall during this month, you’ll earn double points.

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  1. Hi Eric,

    I can’t figure out how to use my Tmall points. It just keeps telling me to download the Tmall app. What am I doing wrong? How do I use my points to make a purchase? 🙁

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