6 Secrets to Saving Money At Taobao.com

If you’re reading this, you probably love shopping on Taobao just like I do. And if you’re anything like me, you also want to buy as much as you can and save money in the process. I thought it would be useful to collect together all of the things I’ve learned about saving money on Taobao in one place. If you ever buy items at Taobao, you might find some of these tactics to be useful.

1. Buy from small seller

If it is of a same model, the small sellers tend to sell it at a price about 10% lower than that of the Crown-rated sellers. They pay more attention to reputation and buyer’s feedback. Thus, they are willing to earn less in order to build reputation. The quality of their goods will not be too bad, while the prices will not be too high.

2. Etao (www.etao.com)

When you search for a product on Taobao, you may find a list of items of the same brand, same model, same specifications, but with a huge price difference. How can you choose from these results?One of those really neat websites you can use is etao.com. This website will help you make a price comparison when you shop. It’s pretty straightforward to use.Just copy the product’s title and paste it into the search box in www.etao.com, and you’ll find a list of the similar products, sorted by price from low to high by default. You can then easily identify which seller is offering the lowest price.

3. Choose the right time to shop

Taobao and Tmall will regularly launch some promotional activities, such as holiday-themed promotions, apparel brands seasonal clearance, mid-year promotion, Double 11, etc, with Double 11 being the most notable of all. Each year during the Double 11, most of the merchants will offer a greater percentage of discounts, and that’s the best time for you to shop and save more money.

4. Buy from the same seller

After buying a product, if you find another product that you wish to buy in the same shop, you can add it to cart and checkout altogether. In this way, you can save the shipping cost for that item. If you are able to further negotiate with the seller, you might even save the shipping fee for both items. It can be very objective.

5. Look for voucher codes

Giving voucher codes is a commonly used promotional method. After receiving a voucher code, it can be used to offset the total amount during checkout by default. Some buyers are not aware of the use of these voucher codes. When you shop on Taobao, once you have selected your items, remember to look for links to voucher codes on the seller’s homepage. If a code is available, use it. That’s a real saving!

6. Taobao coins

Through each transaction, you earn Taobao coins. These coins can be redeemable when you buy from certain sellers. Moreover, each day there are items that can be redeemed by coins in full amount. So, let’s accumulate more coins for use in your next shopping trip.

Lastly, as a reminder to all, never take petty advantage just for the sake of cheaper prices. Ensuring a secured shopping is more important. Before making any purchase, always consult the seller through Aliwangwang. Your chat history with the seller can be an important proof to defend your rights in the future.

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  1. eric i would like to ask you. i often found that there are so many same product but huge gap price. how could i know the same product with lower price has good quality? when the review is not teally helping? Thankkkss, looking forward from you.

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