How to Place an Order on Taobao Global App (with Pictures)

Taobao released a new app called “Taobao global.” this is a international verison of taobao app tailored for overseas mobile consumers.It supports international logistics and credit card payments.but it is still in Chinese which is a headache for most international in this post,I will teach you how to order on this app step by global app

Part 1 – Placing an order

Step 1:

Select the items that you would like to purchase, click “立即购买(Buy Now)”.

Step 2:

You will be led to the Order Page. If there is no record of your shipping address, you will be prompted to add a new one. Otherwise, you may skip to selecting the delivery options.For overseas shipping, there are currently three shipping methods available – direct delivery by the seller, Ta-Q-Bin direct shipment (for Taiwan areas), Taobao direct shipment (for Singapore and Malaysia) or consolidated shipment – depending on the types of product being ordered.

If you already have a preset address but would like to change the delivery option, you may click on the address and edit the delivery option. After that, choose the shipping method.

Step 3:

Verify your order information. Click “Confirm(确认)” to enter the payment page.

Part 2 – Paying for Shipment

Step 1:

Look for your purchase order in “My Taobao(我的淘宝)” or click on “International Logistics Helper(国际物流助手)”.

Step 2:

A. You will find your purchase order in “Manage Order(订单管理)”. Click “Consolidate Shipment(合并转运)”.

B. Click “International Logistics Helper(国际物流助手)”. If your ordered goods are arrived in the forwarder warehouse, please click on the “Consolidate Now(处理集运)” button.

Step 3:

Select the items to be consolidated. After verifying the item weight and shipment cost, click “Confirm Consolidation(确认合并)”.

Step 4:

Confirmation Page, where selections will be based on either door-to-door delivery or pickup from a chain store. You will be prompted to enter your identity card number, and to verify your order information and weight.

After you have chosen the delivery option, the shipping fee calculations will be shown at the bottom of the page. Click “Verify Order” to confirm.

Step 5:

If you would like to check the status of the forwarder, you may go to “My Taobao” and find your order either in “waiting to be delivered” or “waiting to be collected”.

Tips: Taobao Global app can now support forwarder order “Refund” process (available for both Ta-Q-Bin and consolidated shipment). The detailed procedures are as follow:

1.Click the “Refund(退款)” button

2. After clicking on it you will be led to a Refund Page. Select the reason you are requesting a refund.

If you would like to check the refund status, you may go to “My Taobao” and find your order in the process of refund, either under the tab “waiting to be delivered” or “waiting to be collected”. Click on “Refunding” (or perhaps it may appear as some other words like “Rejected by Seller” etc.)

After clicking on it, you will see the message from the seller or the status of refund. Here, you can either “Edit Application(修改申请)”, “Cancel Application(撤销申请)” or “Leave a Message(留言)”.

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  1. Hi, do you know if I could still change my shipping method at this point (ie selecting EMS vs ups?). I don’t think I ever saw that option to select the shipping carrier prior to payment.

    Many thanks!

    • you can not change shipping method after paying for your items unless you require your shipping forwarder to reroute it to another one.

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