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Hi Eric, I’ve been ordering directly from taobao via this method …

Comment on Taobao Global Consolidation and Shipping by Kanra.

Hi Eric,
I’ve been ordering directly from taobao via this method for a while now. I think I followed one of your guides a few years ago, thanks!
Now I’m wondering is it cheaper to continue purchasing directly from taobao with their global consolidation or would it be cheaper to use third party service like Bhiner or Superbuy?
I am in Canada. I thought direct would be cheaper than a service/agent since they are a business and therefore must be making money off my purchase somehow. But now that the shipping rate to Canada is quite a bit higher than it used to be, is it more economical to go with an agent that offers cheaper shipping methods?
Which method would you recommend and what do you think the pros and cons are? Thanks in advance!

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