Comment on How to Contact Taobao Customer Service by charlie.

Hi Eric,

FIrst issues, I having problem on getting my items and Lazada shipment service face lot of problem. i have paid overall 70.78yuan for 6 item on lazada haiyun service. but 3 items not at they warehouse and the information on taobao shipment suddenly change from item at Lazada haiyun shipment warehouse to unknown…? and require more payment for the item that i already paid for it to be ship. only lazada transportation is worse.

Second issues, i have wrongly press the item haven’t receive to to received? can i undo it and will it caused me trouble where my item still unknown at where… the lazada warehouse can’t detect my item although my item stated at they site. Any solution to this. I not pro in chinese read/write so i messed up. Really appreciate a help.

Thank you.

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