Alipay, WeChat have raised the single transaction limit for foreigners from US$1,000 to US$5,000

This year, many foreigners have started to visit China, and they have reported difficulties in making payments in China, and these problems have attracted the attention of the officials, so they have taken some optimization measures:

1️⃣ Alipay and WeChat have raised transaction limits for foreigners using mobile payments. You can now make single transactions up to US$5,000 (previously $1,000) and enjoy an annual limit of US$50,000 (previously $10,000).

2️⃣ Alipay is piloting an exciting new rule specifically designed for foreign users. You will now have a certain amount of authentication-free payments available to you. This means that you can conveniently make payments without needing to verify your identity, as long as you stay within the specified limit.

3️⃣  They’re taking steps to ensure that more foreigners can enjoy seamless shopping experiences on Chinese platforms. Both Alipay and WeChat are optimizing the bank cards they support, making it possible for you to use your cards on a wider range of Chinese shopping sites.

We’ll see more policies that make it easier for foreigners to pay in China this year.

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