36 Things China Taobao Can’t Ship Internationally

Due to China export regulations and carrier restrictions, Some items are prohibited from being shipped internationally.

Taobao will not ship some of items to you even you can place order on their website. ordering the item on the prohibited list is one of the most common mistakes the foreigner make.

Since Taobao doesn’t give too much information in English version, many beginners find it quite frustrating. In this post, I will show you the types of items you can’t buy via taobao direct.

Before you buy items from Taobao, please be sure they are not on this “Do Not Ship” list.

Note: Some Taobao agents offer special delivery service that can ship prohibited items internationally.you can order on their website instead of taobao website.

the simplified list

The full list of prohibited items contains 30+ types of categories,we are unlikely to order most of them from taobao,so I picked 8 of the most common categories that we usually tend to buy from taobao.make sure you don”t order any of them from taobao direct.

1. Items exceed size or weight restriction:

Each forwarder has set a restriction for the max weight and size of the parcel they will accept,make sure your parcel are not too large or too heavy.

2. Food

tea, instant noodles, bamboo products, etc.;

3. Liquid, paste, powdered items:

Cosmetics like perfume,lipstick,foundation,nail polish,pencils,pens,alcohol,thermometer,ink etc..

4. Knife and Gun

survival knife,toy gun,water bb gun

5. Electronic device

humidifier,rice cooker,electric toy,vacuum cleaner,etc

6. Magnetic items or parts

Magnets, audio equipment such as audio, motors, speaker, compasses, coils, etc.

7. Battery and items with inbattery

Mobile phones, computers,powerbank,watches,lithium battery

8. Branded,fake,replica,counterfeit items

Nike,Adidas,Gucci,LV,Chanel,Dior etc..

If you are not sure if you can ship an item,you can contact the forwarder,they can help you confirm if the products you want to purchase can be shipped to your country.

you can leave a comment below if you want to check if it can be shipped to your country,I will reply to you once I confirm with the forwarder.

About Branded,fake or replica items

I know many of you order from taobao for fashion replica or branded items.if you are lucky,it might be ok so far,but this doesn’t mean it is a safe way.

once your forwarder seize it and mark it as 违禁品or contrabrand,you will have to go through the nightmare of returing from warehouse to seller.it is really hard to do this on taobao as a foreigner.

so my suggestion is to contact the seller directly on taobao or wechat,asking them to ship directly to you.

the complete list

I also included the full list below for your reference,and this is the link to the orginal Chinese version,if you can read Chinese,you can read this one.

1. All kinds of poison, biochemical products and infectious materials

Example: Such as anthrax, dangerous bacteria, medicine with waste, pesticides, thallium, cyanide, dioxins, DDT, chlordane, ractopamine, ractopamine hydrochloride, arsenic, tear gas, white crystals, powder, paste and other items

Prohibited reason: “Ban on the export of goods catalog,” the third installment of “China banned or severely restricted the list of toxic chemicals.”

2. Causing addiction of narcotic drugs and psychotropic items

Example: Such as drugs, opium (including poppy capsules, flower, bud, leaves, etc.), morphine, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine, etc.

Prohibited reason:“Psychotropic Drugs Control catalog of the varieties”

3. State law prohibits the circulation of goods shipped or sent

Example: Such as artifacts, regulated knives, antiques, various weapons, simulated weapons (simulation toy guns, etc.), ammunition, national currency (cash), securities, counterfeit currency and securities, source plasma, Laogai products

Prohibited reason: Reference to the law:
“Cultural Relics Protection Law”, “Ministry of Public Security Control Tool Catalog”, “People’s Republic of China Firearms Control Law”, “Civil Explosives Safety Management Regulations”

4. China’s political, economic, cultural, moral (the Falun Gong) harmful materials, involving state secrets articles with violation of the “one China” principle content of the goods and their packaging.

Example: The carrier discs, tapes, videos and other content containing reactionary, and so obscene, indecent or Falun Gong newspapers, books, pictures, promotional materials, audio and video products, computer disk and CD-ROMs

Prohibited reason:Reference to the law:
“Constitution”, “Criminal Law”, “People’s Republic of China on Guarding State Secrets Law”

5. Hinder public health goods

Example: Such as bones, ashes, coffins without tanned skins, animal bones without drugs, unprocessed or degreased bones, soil, animal carcasses, animal and plant pathogens (including bacteria and viruses, etc.)

Prohibited reason: “Ban on the export of goods catalog” First

6. Animals, plants and their specimens and some natural resources

Example: Rhinoceros horn, bezoar, tiger bones, skins, fur (fur), musk, seaweed, Ephedra, wild yew wood, charcoal, forest litter, peat (peat), silica sand, quartz sand and other natural sand, mahogany seeds (other propagating material), animals and plants

Prohibited reason: “Ban on the export of goods catalog” The first, second, fourth, fifth

7. dangerous radioactive goods(danger signs packaging items)

Example: Such as explosives (detonators, fuses, gunpowder, explosives, etc.), nuclear energy and other goods

Prohibited reason: “Radioactive Materials Transportation Safety Management Regulations”, “Civil Explosives import and export management approach”

8. Medical waste, chemical waste, industrial waste, etc.

Example: As used disposable syringes

Prohibited reason:“Environmental Protection Law”

9. Gas (regardless of color)

Example: Such as compressed gases, dry ice, fire extinguishers, gas cartridges, inflatable spheres, life-saving devices, explosive open automotive airbags, aerosols, gas lighters, gas cylinders, light bulbs, etc.

Prohibited reason: Affect transportation safety, not acceptable

10. Explosive materials

Example: Such pyrotechnic articles (fireworks, firecrackers, crackers, crackers, etc.), issuing the order paper, dry ice, with a gas lighter, gas stove, gas cylinders, firearms, etc.

Prohibited reason: Affect transportation safety, not acceptable

11. Flammable liquids

Example: Such as ink, to the light water, paint, oil, gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, benzene, alcohol, oil, camphor oil, engine starting fluid, turpentine, thinner, glue (such as glue, styrofoam plastic foam plastic, etc.), perfume, spray insecticides, air fresheners, cosmetics, etc.

Prohibited reason: Affect transportation safety, not acceptable

12. Flammable solids (including spontaneously combustible materials, water releases flammable gases, etc.)

Example: Such as coal, rosin, paraffin, activated carbon, titanium powder, copra, castor, rubber debris, safety matches (box wipe or rub sheet), white phosphorus, phosphorus, hemp oil, sodium metal, aluminum , magnesium powder, solid rubber (including white glue, etc.), inks, perfumes, asphalt, etc.

Prohibited reason: Affect transportation safety, not acceptable

13. Chemicals, chemical laboratory supplies, medical products, etc.

Example: Such as potassium permanganate, sulfuric, furan, vaccines, blood products, etc.

Prohibited reason: “Ban on the export of goods catalog” third

14. Oxidizers and organic peroxides

Example: Such as hydrogen peroxide, sodium peroxide, calcium hypochlorite, potassium chlorate, potassium nitrate, unknown chemical composition and other items

Prohibited reason: Affect transportation safety, not acceptable

15. Toxic chemicals and infectious substances: means likely to occur in the circulation process of poisoning and infection items

Example: Such as insecticides, pesticides, veterinary drugs, herbicides, arsenic and its compounds, mercury and its compounds, cyanide and its compounds, chloroform, benzene, ammonium, lacquer, blood, urine, body fluids, cleaning agents for four carbon tetrachloride, 1,1,1-trichloroethane (methyl chloroform) and trichlorotrifluoroethane, polychlorinated biphenyls, polybrominated biphenyls, asbestos, etc.

Prohibited reason: “Ban on the export of goods catalog” The first, third, “Pesticide List”

16. Corrosive substances (including energy burning body tissue and to cause damage to metal items such as solid and liquid, etc.)

Example: Such as sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, chlorosulfonic acid, acetic acid, caustic soda, hydrogen peroxide and other

Prohibited reason: Affect transportation safety, not acceptable

17. All kinds of currency in circulation, gambling equipment and appliances

Example: National currencies, fiscal Bo equipment

Prohibited reason: “People’s Republic of China Postal Law”, “People’s Republic of China import and export regulations”

18. fertilizer

Example: Such as urea, ammonium nitrate, superphosphate, ammonia, etc.

Prohibited reason: National export quotas for commodities, not express way Acceptance

19. Fresh class items, perishables, animals, dairy products and other items

Example: Such as honey, eggs, wine, sugar, food, etc.

Prohibited reason: Sensitive goods, no air shipment

20. The people’s livelihood, state-run trade of regulated goods

Example: Such as corn, rice, coal, cotton, crude oil, refined oil, antimony and antimony products, tungsten and tungsten products, silver, wheat, corn flour, rice flour, wheat flour, lumber, coal, coke, rare earth, zinc ore, tin and tin products, indium and indium products, molybdenum, phosphate rock, etc.

Prohibited reason: National export quotas for commodities, not express way Acceptance

21. Export quota bidding and management of goods export authorizations

Example: Rush and Rush products, silicon carbide, fluorine stone (powder), slippery stones (powder), light (heavy) burned magnesium, bauxite, liquorice and products, paraffin, zinc and zinc-based alloys, automobiles and chassis, its motorcycle engine and frame, citric acid, vitamin C, penicillin industrial salt, sulfuric acid disodium

Prohibited reason: Involving export authorization management product, not express way Acceptance

22. Protection of forest resources, prevent deforestation

Example: Such as: charcoal

Prohibited reason: “Ban on the export of goods catalog” the second installment

23. Gold silver platinum and other precious metals products and other valuables

Example: Such as gold, silver, platinum, precious stones, jewelry, pearls, ivory, etc.

Prohibited reason: “Ban on the export of goods catalog” First

24. Radio transceiver, the confidentiality of communications, etc.

Example: Such as radar and other transmitters, receivers and other equipment

Prohibited reason: Affecting national security, card-related card-related goods, not express way Acceptance

25. Charged items (except lithium batteries from electronic products)

Example: Airlines prohibited acceptance, such as plastic dolls _ charged, electric remote control cars etc.

Prohibited reason: Sensitive goods, no air shipment

26. Batteries, alkaline batteries, alkaline battery fluid, etc.

Example: Such as batteries, alkaline batteries, etc.

Prohibited reason: Affect transportation safety, not acceptable

27. Electronic products containing lithium batteries

Example: We do not accept pure battery or battery package goods; Acceptable built (inextricably) battery goods, such as goods with a built-in battery must indicate on the invoice and waybill, without the battery in the waybill and invoice NO BATTERY.

Prohibited reason: Sensitive goods, no air shipment

28. Magnetic objects (not including protective packaging plus degaussing magnets, magnets and other magnetic products containing etc.)

Example: Airlines prohibited acceptance, such as magnetic stripe, such as magnets;

Prohibited reason: Magnetic influence transportation safety, not acceptable

29. Liquid (Regardless of the packaging)

Example: Such as wine, moisturizer, eyeliner, sunscreen, contact lens solution, eye drops, physiological saline water, insect repellent, gold plating bath, aluminum paste, glow sticks, mercury thermometer, ice pillow, etc.

Prohibited reason: Due to inability to identify ingredients that affect the express transportation safety, not acceptable

30. Frozen fresh meat

Example: Such as chilled beef, frozen beef, chilled pork, frozen pork, chilled meat, frozen chicken

Prohibited reason: Sensitive goods, no air shipment

31. Cigarette

Example: cigarette

Prohibited reason: Domestic implementation of the tobacco monopoly, foreign destinations involving high taxes, not acceptable

32. Appearance is more sensitive or internal organization can not split the goods

Example: Liner such as electrical, electronic equipment, and other unknown particles

Prohibited reason: Sensitive goods, no air shipment

33. CD

Example: CD

Prohibited reason: Sensitive goods, no air shipment

34. Rare mineral natural resources and other scarce natural resources

Example: Such as primary raw materials such as copper profile, aluminum and other 47 kinds of commodities

Prohibited reason: Export quota categories of goods, can not express the way Acceptance

35. Food

Example: Including food products;

Prohibited reason: Sensitive goods

36. Drug

Example: All drugs

Prohibited reason: Sensitive goods

16 type of products often rejected by forwarder warehouses

Although some products are not officially prohibited from being purchased or shipped abroad on Taobao, forwarders often have various reasons to reject some products.

This list below was given to me by the forwarder’s customer service, who said that these are products that are often rejected by their warehouse.

I suggest you avoid using official forwarders to ship these products whenever possible.

1. Glass/Tempered:

children’s decorative crown, fishing rod, glass, tempered film, tempered glass, fish tank, porcelain, laminated film, cell phone screen, glass bowl, glass spice bottle, glass bottle, glass pot lid, ipad laminated film, large vase, tub, ink bottle

2. Charged Products:

moxibustion fumigant, heater, electrical appliances, grinder, refrigerator, beauty apparatus, massage mat, rice cooker, inverter, laptop, ceiling fan, blood sugar tester, heater, water heater, transformer, printer, electric frying pan, electric drawing board, thermal paste, electric fan, BBK tutor, tutor, soybean milk machine, mosquito catcher, multimedia machine, wall-breaking machine, smoke machine, hood, vacuum cleaner, small motor, motorcycle engine, sweeping robot, curling iron, dormitory pot, motor

3. Electronic products:

lithium battery, millet body fat scale, body fat scale, rechargeable treasure, battery, electronic products, cartoon watch, small magnetic tape, USB charger, power adapter, battery charger, watch, electronic watch, data cable, plug converter, wireless network card, camera, electronic cigarette, electronic dictionary

4. Animals / plants:

dogs, cats, hamsters, turtles, rabbits, birds, potted plants, flowers, seeds, simulated flowers, green plants, succulents, animal feed, fertilizer, soil, everlasting flowers, dried flowers, everlasting flowers, dried flowers, dried flowers, simulated succulents, false flowers, rats, rabbits, snakes, chickens, pigs, piglets, succulents, roses, roses, lilies, lilies, green plants, plants, simulated flowers, simulated plants, puppies, kittens, blue fat, turtles, birds, carnations, daisies, full sky stars, decorative flowers, artificial flowers

5. Controlled knives:

kitchen knives, scissors, kitchen knives, plastic knives, daggers, automatic knives, butterfly knives, fluted knives, ballistic knives, hidden knives, blades, throwing knives, axes, push knives, sheath knives, non-metallic knives, wooden performance props knives, table knives.

6. CD-ROMs:

CD-ROMs, tapes, DVDs, Cd, CD-ROM movies, CD-ROM drives

7. Makeup/skincare:

nail gel, nail polish, lipstick, eye shadow, lip gloss, makeup brush, eyebrow pencil, makeup remover, face wash, toner, eyebrow shaper, eyebrow holder, blush, eyelash curler, mirror, powder, makeup, magnetic lipstick tube, makeup mirror, milk, solid balm, acne stick, bean pin, sun screen, mascara, animal brush, balm, melatonin, lip balm, lip gloss, lip oil, lip gloss, lotion, cleanser, face wash, mask, shaving cream, lotion, water lotion, powder brush, hair brush, nail polish, eyebrow brush, repair cream, shaving foam, makeup remover paper

8. Furniture:


9. Household products:

clock wicks, garbage cans, bicycles, shampoo, wet wipes, wet wipes, soap, toothpowder, hair dye, garbage bags, hair conditioner, plastic bags, scented candles, candles, wax pellets, urinals, thermometers, gas stoves, toilets, children’s urinals, toothpaste, paste

10. Food:

tea, tea cakes, flower tea, vegetables, fruits, nuts, corn, rice, cereals, cotton, wheat, corn flour, rice flour, wheat flour, sweet potatoes, dried fruit, peaches, honey, syrup, eggs, eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, quail eggs, meat, meat products, dairy products, egg products, wine, milk, yogurt, sugar, food, chips, food, snacks, seasoning powder, candy, frozen food, water shoot, milk tea powder, turtle jelly powder, duck neck, spicy strips

11. Jewelry:

gold, silver, platinum, precious stones, pearls, earrings, studs, necklaces, rings, bracelets, bracelets, diamonds, jadeite, gold, color gold, amber, diamond rings, platinum, jade

12. Books and stationery:

ink, fountain pens, water pens, color pens, paint, glue, watercolor, crystal pens, neutral pens, children’s books, solid watercolor, solid paint, coloring, watercolor pens, white board, white plates, ballpoint pen refills

13. Toys:

models, simulated weapons, toy water guns, water guns, children’s toy guns, toy guns, imitation guns, air guns, water bombs, darts, props, fishing rods, glue guns, mahjong, sword and umbrella, children’s motorcycles

14. Tobacco:

cigarettes, tobacco, tobacco soil

15. Pharmaceuticals:

drugs, powder, ointment, oral agent, ointment, Chinese medicine, capsules, oral granules, injection, narcotic drugs, injection, health products, foot patch, moxibustion box, moxibustion, scraping board, acupuncture, fire pot, massage oil, massage ball, essential oil

16. Flammable liquids:

strong glue, nail-free glue, Styrofoam, foaming glue, perfume, alcohol, powder, aluminum spray bottle, spray insecticide, hairspray, desiccant, color fixer, air freshener, ink, paint, oil, gasoline, kerosene, diesel, motor oil, printing clay gold paint, white glue, sealing liquid, adhesive, white glue, glue remover, dispensing agent

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466 thoughts on “36 Things China Taobao Can’t Ship Internationally”

  1. Do you think there’d be any issues with shipping a bow (used in archery) to Australia? Based on size limits it would be a large parcel sent by sea, but my worry is that it could be classed as a weapon and not accepted.

  2. I want to buy dried mushrooms. I want to sell them in the USA and Canada. Currently living in Hong Kong. Should I ship to Hong Kong first then USA or should I ship directly to the USA? Thanks

    1. I want to buy a tv.
      I never saw it in the prohibited items, CSS buy cancelled my order due to their freight forwarder regulations. Does that mean it’s them or the shipping companies?
      I will try another company, I already emailed another company but they haven’t answered.

    1. to where? If it is to Singapore or Malaysia, then yes as Taobao opened a special shipping line for dry food.

      If it is to another country, you need to buy through a third-party agent.

  3. I have encountered several sellers ask me to provide 唛头 if not goods cannot be shipped. What do i do when i encounter that? How do i avoid this or provide it (if i am able to?)

  4. Hello. I was wondering if Taobao consolidated shipping allowed face masks to be shipped to the US? I want to buy kf94 masks on taobao but want to make sure they will be able to be sent to me and not returned.

  5. Hi
    Just wondering if items like glitter and pigments, powdered and liquid are banned and if so why? I have other companies from China shipping these to me so just wondering why these guys won’t
    Thank you

    1. yes, Official Taobao shipping does not support these items.

      These items are considered dangerous goods that are flammable on the plane,

      and not every carrier is willing to accept these items.

  6. Certain items for “private play”/lewd items are marked as sensitive, but it does not show up on any of these lists? Are these truly sensitive? No animal products(if fake leather), no batteries, no oils etc. but price may be high.

    1. I don’t know what specific product you’re talking about,

      but if Taobao includes this product in the sensitive products and won’t let you place an order,

      it means they don’t support this product, so you’ll need to buy it through a third-party agent.

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