Comment on DHL China Review by Shaun.

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Comment on DHL China Review email for prior comment.

Comment on DHL China Review email for prior comment.

Comment on DHL China Review

DHL China, Dalian in Dongbei are the most useless and unprofessional people on earth. Trained monkeys could do a better job. My package contains no illegal or prohibited goods and have received the exact same goods twice before via China post(excellent service) and had no problems despite the month wait. I now realize that the wait is worth it as DHL door to door service China gives license for theft and corruption to occur and entire 30kg packages, packed with goods that are expensive in China, to be taken by them. Customs always gets the blame but DHL held my package and inspected it before customs even looked at it and asked for money before the custom inspection took place. And that’s how I know DHL asked for a bribe. They were arguing that the value was too low and they threatened me with customs holding my package. How does DHL know that my package will be held prior to the customs inspection and not inspecting my package. I have almost 70 email communications between myself and Yu Xuan, aka Lara, the person handling my package. All items are sealed. I am appalled. I was first told that if the package can’t enter China, she will send the package back without the liquids (olive oil and rose water that I have received before) and a few days later the tune changes and coffee is prohibited from leaving China… today I am told that the goods cannot be seperated and due to the coffee and olive oil I forfeit the entire package. If this isn’t theft then what is? PS: I am not letting this go and I am fortunate to know a lawyer who relishes international cases in China and now we are collecting all the email information of the people who have the same case and complaint against DHL China (its a pretty easy task as almost everyone who’s dealt with them is complaining) I am leaving my email here and if you would like to join me in this wake up call for DHL, you are welcome to email me. Regards, Shaun

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