DHL China Review

dhl-chinaDHL is a division of the world’s famous logistics company Deutsche Post DHL. It is the global market leader in the logistics industry, committing its expertise in the express, inter-continental delivery, and air express services. It is also the world’s number one ocean freight and contract logistics provider. In mainland China, DHL-Sinotrans – the joint venture between DHL and China Foreign Trade Transportation Group Corporation – is the most experienced international express delivery company and the first to enter China. DHL has one of the most extensive delivery networks which cover more than 120,000 destinations in more than 220 countries.

1. Delivery Time

Under normal circumstances, it takes only 2-4 working days to deliver around the world. It is especially fast in Europe and Southeast Asia, where it takes only 3 working days to Europe and 2 working days to Southeast Asia. With a delivery network that expands throughout the world, it provides real-time updates and accurate shipment delivery status online.

2. Pricing

Whether it’s a small parcel below 20 kg or a big parcel exceeding 21 kg, the shipping fee is really low. Moreover, there is a special rate for items exceeding 21 kg, whereby the total cost is cheaper than EMS for certain delivery regions. This can be very cost-effective.

3. Fee Calculation

DHL Express shipment cost calculation method: They’ll calculate the shipment cost based on either size or weight, whichever has the greater value.

Formula used to calculate the volumetric weight: length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm) /5000 = volumetric weight (kg)

Standards: For 21 kg and below, the shipment cost is calculated based on per 0.5 kg rate, whereas for 21 kg and above, the cost is calculated by per kg.

4. Limitations

A parcel shall not exceed 70 kg, with each side not exceeding 1.2 m, or else additional charges may apply.

5. Surcharges

Prices are subject to a fuel surcharge which varies on a monthly basis.
A Remote Area Surcharge of 150 yuan may apply to each shipment, depending on the given delivery address.

6. Conclusion

DHL is fast and efficient. It offers great discount for small parcels but its shipment cost is 20-30% higher than that of EMS. It has more stringent restrictions in which certain items may be rejected for shipment. It will also impose a duty fee at the customs. It is a suitable choice if you are buying valuable products or when you want things to be delivered fast.

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