Taobao Global Direct Shipping: Review and Guide

Taobao Global Direct Shipping(直送) is a Taobao official forwarding service.All you need to do is checkout all items in your shopping cart at once, select “Taobao Direct Shipping(直送)” and make payment, sit back and wait for your parcel to be delivered directly to you without having to undergo a consolidation process at the forwarder warehouse.

The biggest advantage of this service is you only have to make one-time payment including domestic + international shipping fee, so you won’t need to consolidate your orders and make any second payment – Fast and easy! Save time save money!

1. Who can use this service?

Taobao Global Direct Shipping(直送) currently supports 6 regions,which are:

  • Australia
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • Macau
  • Taiwan

If you are from the above areas,you will see this option when placing order.

2. taobao direct shipping cost:

Below is a list of the shipping cost using Taobao direct shipping,for some regions,you can choose to deliver to your door or pick up yourself somewhere.

If you are from Hong kong,they will also charge a 20HKD delivery fee for residential or remote address.

taobao direct shipping cost

3. how to use taobao direct Shipping

Step 1

Make your order by selecting “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart”. If you are making multiple orders, it is recommended that you choose “Add to Cart” to consolidate all your items and make a lump-sum payment.


After clicking “Add to Cart” you will be told that the item has been successfully added, click “Proceed to Checkout” to consolidate all your items and make payment.


Step 2

Select the items that you want to consolidate, click “Checkout”.

Tips: Consolidation in shopping cart – you can only consolidate items listed on this page.


Step 3

After clicking “Checkout” you will enter the “select delivery address” page. Please select your delivery address.

Tips: You may click on the upper right to “use a new address” and “manage delivery address”.


After confirming the address, click “Next(下一步)” to confirm the direct shipping method.

Tips: You can see the domestic shipping fee and international shipping fee clearly shown on the right. It’s convenient! It’s money-saving and trouble free!


After confirming the shipping method, your selected items will be listed at the bottom of the page, along with the total amount to be paid.


Check the item information, amount, etc. and click “Submit Order(提交订单)” to enter the payment page.


Note: Certain products which are not eligible for Taobao Direct Shipping will be shown under the “Submit Order” button. These items will not be included in the calculation of the total amount!


Step 4

After clicking “Submit Order” you will enter Alipay payment page.Check and verify all order details, and then select your payment method.


After making the payment, you may go to “Purchased Items” to check the order details. Don’t forget to check the delivery status very closely!


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177 thoughts on “Taobao Global Direct Shipping: Review and Guide”

  1. hello Eric!

    where do i find the information to request refund on my DIRECT SHIPPING FEES on a seller that didn’t shipped out my item & also approved my refund for the items?

    please help me. that shipping cost more than the items

  2. Eric, please help me. They’re asking for my ID to forward the package to Taiwan but I do not have a taiwan ID, and I don’t want to give them my passport ID what do I do?

  3. Hi Eric. I used the GDS and one of the sellers had not ship my stuff for a week making it a delay. My other stuff now is stucked in the warehouse. And I can’t seem to or know how to contact the warehouse ? Which is Zto? I want to contact them and ask them to just ship the items that are already in the warehouse please help me in this matter tq I really need answers

  4. I have used by sea instead of by air. The parcel should arrived Malaysia on 5/6/2018(estimated arrival date). There is no further update. Tried dex-I tracking, no further update. Tried air-pax tracking, no record. No one & no way to track where is my parcel. Parcel to be sent to east Malaysia. Any advice? Thank you

  5. Hi I think I screwed up my ordering really bad. I ordered some stuff on taobao but when I was making payment there was no delivery method. (I think i might have accidentally clicked on direct shipping? idek) okay anyways so now there is no warehouse address or agent address or whatever and my seller’s asking me for a shipping address and I’m not sure what to reply. Also I don’t know how to change the shipping method to be shipped by agents. Can someone help me out? T^T

  6. Hi Eric, I used ZTO and should be Skynet when it reaches Malasyia but the status stuck there for quite some time and I do not know how to get the tracking number for Skynet Malaysia using the Taobao app, please help. Details as below:

    15:12:55[东莞市]东莞沙田站派件员:殷武林 13431429357正在为您派件
    19:20:00【国际】Departed to HUB
    23:45:00【国际】Arrived HUB
    2018-Feb-04Sun.02:54:00【国际】Departed to CR2
    2018-Feb-05Mon.07:56:00【国际】Arrived CR2
    12:27:00【国际】INFO – REQUIRED
    2018-Feb-09Fri.11:49:00【国际】INFO – REQUIRED

  7. Hi, my parcel on TB global direct shipping was rejected because it’s heavier than what was quoted. How do I go about topping up freight? I am from Singapore. Thanks in advance!

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