Guide to 1688 Cross-Border Partner Program

Hey everyone, in this article, I’m introducing 1688 cross-border partner program. The content mainly comes from Chinese articles published by 1688, which I have translated into English and added my own understanding.

This article isn’t very long, but its value is enormous.


Because this is the first time 1688 open their api to overseas partners. Through the 1688 API and the collaborative projects they offer, you can synchronize a huge number of products from the 1688 website to your own website or software.

If you’re in the e-commerce industry and your business has a certain scale, you know what opportunity this means.

1. What is 1688 cross-border partner program

As a leading B2B procurement platform in China, 1688 has a huge amount of good goods from the source and is the source center behind many domestic and foreign e-commerce sellers.

In order to help 1688 sellers better export their products overseas, 1688 is looking for partners around the world.

1688 provide API interface, distribution agent and other cooperation modes to help partners to sell 1688 products locally.

2. What are the advantages of 1688

Resource Competitiveness

  • 1688 has been focusing on China industrial zone for 20 years
  • 1 million source factory supply
  • 100 million+ sources of cross-border goods

Price Competitiveness

Compared with other e-commerce sites, 1688 has more price advantage.


The picture shows the price of a pair of slippers, you can see that the price on 1688 is the lowest:

  • A platform price: about ¥135
  • T platform price: about ¥33
  • 1688 Price:¥4.8

Advanced technical capabilities

  • Powerful search engine
  • Dharma Institute big data translation
  • Personalized service capabilities such as price comparison, label filtering, etc.

Openness to cooperation

According to the type of business, 1688 can provide customized cooperation solutions

3. How to cooperate as a 1688 partner

According to your business type, you can choose the following cooperation modes:

API technical interface

Requirements for partner: have an e-commerce website/ERP or have a plan to develop an e-commerce website, and have the ability to promote overseas local market.

Partnership content: 1688 provides a stable API interface, allowing you to deliver 100 million+ 1688 products to your website/tools, and at the same time, integrate translation, order placing, search and price comparison, user registration and other functions to enhance the procurement efficiency of your website users.

Regional and National Distribution

Requirements for partner: TOP B2B trade enterprises that are deeply engaged in local markets or have equivalent resources and influence.

Partnership content: 1688 provides website building, source of goods, authorization of local agency rights, the partner is responsible for local marketing and promotion, the two sides build the market together.

Large procurement companies looking for sources for supply

Requirements for partner: annual purchasing volume ≥ ¥ 100 million of imported companies or e-commerce companies

Partnership content: 1688 dedicated team directed to finding the source of goods according to the purchasing needs of partners

Other cooperation opportunities

Requirements for partner: finance, logistics, website building and other types of cross-border service providers

Partnership content: according to the specific partner’s business type, 1688 can explore different ways of cooperation.

4. How to join 1688 cross-border partner program

I am not going to put their contact information here, if you are interested in this partner program, you can contact me via email or social media and I will give you their contact details.

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