Hi Erik, Are goods being returned to seller directly if rejected …

Comment on How to Return the Goods from Warehouse to Taobao Seller? by Kenneth Hoo.

Hi Erik,

Are goods being returned to seller directly if rejected by warehouse? or sit in the warehouse until buyer further action? I got a message 包裹含禁运品拒签并已退回快递公司,请联系卖家处理 and it seems that the item that i ordered was rejected by warehouse and returned to logistic company.

Should i go for “refund” or “refund/ return” option? FYI i don’t have the “Return to Seller(退回卖家)” option in taobao consolidated shipping page, and i got stuck here don’t know what to do.

Or should i inform the seller to let them deal with the logistic company to retrieve the item? Do i have to pay for the logistic in this case?

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Comment on How To Buy Directly From Taobao:The Complete Guide

Hi Eric,
My first time shopping at Taobao and i need your advice.
I bought 2 items from Taobao, and 1st item was from taobao itself and 2nd one was from TMALL. I believe TMALL is part of Taobao?

Then when i’m done with the purchase and all items checked and arrived at China warehouse i noticed both items were being shipped to 2 different warehouse in China! I thought all items should be sent to the same warehouse since i opted consolidated shipment?! I was being offered to ship 1st item using Lazada sea freight and 2nd item using ABX, and that wasn’t what i wanted and there wasn’t any option so far to change the forwarder.

Both items i purchase from different sellers and from different states of China. I wonder how everything work here? was that Taobao uses their own warehouse and TMALL uses another one? Does that means i can’t consolidate 2 items into single shipment? Plz help.

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