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Hi Eric, I happened to find your blog. Found many of …

Comment on How to Contact Taobao Customer Service by EN.

Hi Eric, I happened to find your blog.
Found many of the posts really helpful. Thanks for taking time & effort to share all the tips.

I am currently having an issue with one of my orders.
I ordered a X’mas tree to be delivered to my country last week.
However, the item was rejected just before it was consolidated to be shipped back to my country via air. I received a notification last week on the rejection and that the tree will be sent back to seller. So I contacted the seller and seller asked me to check with the forwarder (Cai Niao) on the actual dimensions of the box.
I did and forwarded the dimensions to seller. Seller said she will trim the parcel and send out in the new dimensions given. Told me NO need to apply for refund last week. So 4-5 days have lapsed and today I texted seller on the status of my tree – have she mailed it out in the new box with new dimensions? As Xmas is getting closer and I am anxious about receiving the tree late. Her reply – Pls apply for refund. So I told her, that was not what she had advised few days ago. The next thing that happened, she replied and said that I am very troublesome and I think she blocked me on the chat immediately. Now I don’t think any of my messages will reach her. So what should I do next? Apply for refund on the tree? So far, this is the first time I encountered something terrible like that – being blocked by seller on the chat..

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