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Hi Eric, Thank you for sharing. It’s a really helpful article. …

Comment on Taobao Global Consolidation and Shipping by Jean.

Hi Eric,
Thank you for sharing. It’s a really helpful article. I have a few questions:
– I am making my 1st Taobao purchase. Currently I only see one shipping option – “官方海运”. Why is that so? I cannot see the ship by air option.
– My total combined amount is about $320+. If only the shipping by Sea option is available, I will be charged GST when it arrives in Singapore? When and how do I make payment for GST? Is this a 3rd payment that Taobao or SG customs will bill me later?
– I am buying small boxes of incense sticks, and their weight is really light. Like maybe 100g for a box at most, or even like 3g for sample packets. However the shipping by sea fees are surprisingly expensive for something so light – 28rmb for a 100g box of incense. Is this due to the size of the box? Although I think the box dimensions should be quite small. I thought that maybe 3-4 small boxes will cost 21rmb or a bit more. Did not expect it to be charged at per box.

Thank you.

Jean Also Commented

Comment on Taobao Global Consolidation and Shipping

Hi Eric,
Thank you for your reply. For (2), is the local delivery company Taobao’s partner? They will have my contact and address to inform me of the GST charge once the parcels arrive in Singapore? Or will the delivery person collect from me on the spot when I open the door (more inconvenient as I do not want to trouble my landlord with cash payment).
Thank you once again.

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