Comment on How to Contact Taobao Customer Service by olivia.

my sea shipping is already 10 days over from the date of arrival in KL. no update at all in 10 days. everyday message the dex-i cs and all they can do is tell me to wait. finally someone who able to give me the company called DYL with a phone number, i called them and they want me to give marking number and container number, the tracking number i used to check in dex-i tracking is useless. so i go into live chat again with dex-i cs asking for the marking number and the container number. dex-i cs told me they are unable to provide/not in their system. this is so frustrating and i already put in a complain with taobao cs and they will help me follow up with dex-i cs but still ask me to wait for email. what i want is very simple. just tell me where is my parcel and any contact number and reference number then i will go and pick up myself at any sea port. i am totally disappointed with the service

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