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I suggest you go to the Alibaba website to find …

Comment on How to Buy From 1688.com As a Foreigner (Full Guide 2020) by Eric.

I suggest you go to the Alibaba website to find a freight forwarder to Canada. They can provide more and cheaper shipping solutions.

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Comment on 4 Ways to Pay on Taobao

it will be refunded

Comment on Four Ways to Translate Taobao Words into English

thanks for sharing,Heidi

Comment on 36 Things China Taobao Can’t Ship Internationally

NO,you can check it here:https://www.howtotao.com/taobao-global-consolidation-and-shipping/

Comment on 5 Steps To Buy From Taobao Using An Agent [Newbies Guide]

Whether it is a Taobao official or a third-party agent, they have to cooperate with different freight forwarders to ship your products.
Different freight forwarders have different restrictions on products.

For example, some agents can ship some sensitive things, such as CDs, cosmetics, food, electronic products, etc.

This is why you can buy a lot of sensitive things on AliExpress because AliExpress sellers can choose different freight forwarders according to the nature of their products.

But Taobao sellers do not have this choice because most of their consumers are domestic users.

Comment on How to Create a 1688.com Account as a Foreigner

If your country does not support it, I suggest you use an agent.

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