No, not supported on 1688 …

Comment on How to Buy From As a Foreigner (Full Guide 2022) by Eric.

no, not supported on 1688

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Comment on How to Buy From As a Foreigner (Full Guide 2022)

try google or youtube.

Comment on How to Buy From As a Foreigner (Full Guide 2022)

Hi, The invoice will be automatically generated in your 1688 account after you receive the goods,you need to translate it into English and provide it to your agent.

Comment on How to Buy From As a Foreigner (Full Guide 2022)

you can find these agents on google or youtube or some social media. If it’s your first time, don’t use direct transfer or Western Union, and don’t be lured by their cheap service fees, it is a trick to tempt you to pay.

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Comment on Guide to Taobao Dropshipping Program & Taobao API

You can try contacting their customer service, I’m not sure if the program is still valid.

Comment on 36 Things China Taobao Can’t Ship Internationally

Yes, they are not willing to ship some fragile goods, you need to find a third party agent, maybe they are willing.

Comment on Your Guide to 1688 Account Setup, Verification, Linking Alipay

they do not support it if your country code is not in the list.

Comment on Customs & Taxes on a Parcel Sent from China to You

if the value is less than 1000AUD, taobao will charge it when you pay for the international shipping fee.

Comment on Best Taobao Agent of 2023: My Picks and Why I Choose Them

Hi Denise I am using the classic editor for editing,and LuckyWP Table of Contents for table of contents. But I did tweaked some CSS code to make it look like this now.

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