How To Register And Verify Your Alipay Without Chinese Bank Account

Finally, you can sign up and verify an Alipay account without a Chinese bank account now!

It has always been very easy to sign up for Alipay, but it is very difficult to verify an Alipay account as a foreigner in the past. It requires you to have a Chinese bank card to complete the verification, which is a very high threshold.

But in the last 2 years, Alipay has changed its rules and now you only need a passport and face verification to have a verified Alipay.

In this article, I will explain step by step how to create and verify your Alipay account without using a Chinese bank card.

Note: The Alipay account I mentioned in this article refers to the Alipay personal account, which is different from the Alipay business account offered by Alipay for some foreign companies.

1. Why you should have a verified Alipay account

If you are planning to use Alipay regularly, I suggest you verify your Alipay. if you don’t verify your Alipay, you can still shop on Taobao. but if you have a verified Alipay, there are many benefits:

  • Your Taobao and Alipay accounts are safer

Because your account has been verified by your real name, Alipay will trust you more and will not freeze or restrict your account unexpectedly anymore.

  • Your tourpass money is more protected

To be honest, now your tourpass money is not safe and Alipay may freeze or stop you from using it anytime. With verified Alipay, your tourpass will be more secure.

  • Verify your account

If you are using a 1688 account, you can complete the verification of your 1688 account by linking to your verified Alipay. This will also greatly minimize the possibility of your 1688 account being restricted or unable to log in.

2. Create your Alipay Account

You can register on your computer or on your cell phone, but at the time of verification, Alipay will still ask you to download the app to complete the verification, so I suggest you download the Alipay app directly to register.

Step1. Download and install the Alipay app

You can download it directly from Google Play or Apple’s App Store by searching for Alipay(支付宝).

When installing, you should give Alipay permission to access your camera, we will need it to scan your passport and face recognition when verifying your Alipay later.


Step2. Enter your mobile number

Now open your Alipay app. if the page is in Chinese, you can set it to English by clicking on the “language(语言)” in the upper right corner.

We only need to do one thing on this page-enter your mobile number. the default country code 86 is for China, you have to change it to your own area code.

Then enter your mobile phone number next to it, remember, don’t add “0” in front of your mobile number.


Step3. Sign up

The Alipay system will detect that this is a new mobile number and then go to the sign-up page.

As in the above step, you need to select your area code and enter your mobile number again.


Step4. enter the verification code

Next, an agreement page will pop up, click agree to it.

on the verification code page, fill in the 4-digit verification code you received.



If everything goes well, you’ll be on the Alipay homepage, next we will proceed to verify the Alipay account.

Click “Me” on the bottom right corner of the user center page.


3. Verify your Alipay Account

Step 1. In the User Center, click the arrow in the upper right corner to go to the profile page.


Step 2. You can see on the profile page, the second column (Real-name verification) is grayed out(Unverified), we now click here to complete the verification.


Step 3. Now we come to the identity verification page, you can see that there are 3 options, which are

  • Passport chip & face verification
  • Verify face
  • Mainland China bank card

Usually, we choose the easiest one – Verify face.


The best verification method is still the mainland China bank card verification, after completing the bank verification, you can use alipay balance, you can use alipay to receive and pay with more amount.

But it is not easy to register a Chinese bank account, you need to come to China to open an account in person. you can’t open an account remotely or in your country.

If you want to learn more, here is a guide on how to open China bank accounts as a foreigner.

Step 4. The first step is to scan your passport, preferably in a bright area.


Step 5. Then it will jump to the face recognition page, click “verify” to scan your face.


Step 6. If everything is OK, they will send you a short message to tell you that the verification is successful. you will also be at the certification center.

You can see that your personal information is “Incomplete”, you need to click here to update your personal information.


Step 7. In the personal information page, you can see that there are 2 fields that are not completed, “Occupation type” and “Address”.


Step 8. Click “Occupation type”, from the many occupation options that pop up, choose one according to your personal situation.


Step 9. Now click “Address”,

for “Location”, you can choose “海外(overseas)” for both state and city, then click “确认(confirm)”.

for “Address”, you can input your street address. then click “Save” to finish the whole process.



Step 10. After you have completed the above steps, you can see on your personal profile page that the second column (Real-name verification) is turned to blue(Verified).

You now have a verified Alipay personal account!


4. Set up alipay Login and payment password, Email, etc.

After registering and verifying your Alipay account, we need to set up your Alipay account in order to make it more convenient and secure for future use.

Step 1. Click on the Settings icon in the upper right corner of your user center.


Step 2. On the settings page, click the first option “Account and Security”.


Step 3. Now we are on the “Account and Security” page.

You can set up many things about your account here. I will introduce 3 main ones: Email Address, Alipay password, Login password.


You can add your email address so that you can log in directly with your email address in the future.

Alipay password here means Alipay payment password, it is a 6-digit number and it is very important.

You need to use it when you pay in Taobao, 1688, and even when you change some of your alipay information. So I suggest you write down this password on paper to avoid forgetting it.

Login password means your Alipay login password, it can be a combination of numbers and letters.

5. Final words

If you have done the above steps as I said, congratulations, you should have a full Alipay account now!

Next, you can shop on Taobao or top up tourpass to pay for your purchases.

If you have any problems or questions about the Alipay registration process, feel free to leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you!

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326 thoughts on “How To Register And Verify Your Alipay Without Chinese Bank Account”

  1. My Alipay is not giving the face verification option after I scan my passport

    They gave me @passport chip & face verification
    When I click on it takes me to scan my the “chip area” on my passport
    And my country’s passport don’t have that feature in it, Ghana. What should I do to verify my account please?

  2. Hello
    I can’t confirm real-name verification. As an option, I only get bank card entry, but not face recognition and passport entry. My card is not accepted. The card is mastercard and I come from Slovenia

  3. My Alipay is matching with my passport number, which sometimes gives conflicts.

    I received my Chinese permanent residence card, is it somehow possible to use this ID in Alipay, as I only found it possible to add a passport for foreigners.

    The helpdesk in Alipay didn’t gave me any clear instruction. Guess not a usual request.

  4. I am having problems with setting up my payment password, I have already verified my Alipay using passport. But when I try to set up my payment password, they’ll bring up change password but I don’t remember setting any password before. When I try to change password they ask for Chinese bank card. What do I do ? I’ve already funded my account.

  5. Andry Miangaly

    Hello Eric Thank a lot for your help. But recently one of my friend helped me to do the identity verifivation and he did not use passport because I don’t have passeport. he only use my identity card. and it works. he don’t wanna shox me how he did it but now i can use my alipay correctly. i just had to do the facial recognition when i was with him. the rest of the process he don’t wanna teach it. do you have any idea about how he did it ? I’m From Madagascar

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