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Hi Eric, I use to live in China for work …

Comment on Alipay Account Verification for Foreign Users by Sui.

Hi Eric, I use to live in China for work a few years ago (currently based in UK) I still have my ICBC account there, when I registered the card with alipay it asks for a mobile number (I assume this needs to be a local Chinese mobile.) Problem is that I stopped using my china mobile number which I registered my ICBC account with. Does that mean I need to go back to china, get a new mobile number then go to the bank branch in china to provide them with a update a new mobile number?

Another option for me is to use a Hong Kong bank account, are HK residents able to order from 1688.com using their HK bank accounts via alipay HK? Sorry about the long text above, thanks in advance for your help, much appreciated.

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