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Hi Eric I wonder who i can seek help. I bought …

Comment on How To Buy Directly From Taobao:The Complete Guide 2020 by june.

Hi Eric
I wonder who i can seek help. I bought a wardrobe rack from EZBUY. it looks fine on picture but upon delivery, the 3 layer tier rack cannot sit properly as it goes to 2nd and third tier. I lodged a case with EZBUY but they said seller is not willing to refund the money to me as I intend to return. They sent me a video but pertain to lowest layer and claimed 2nd and third layer same. i sent a photo to show them that it does not sit properly on 2nd and third layer and the clothes topple down. Now seller refuse to accept return and return cost is my own account and neither agree to refund. Who can i seek recourse consider EZBUY is TAOBAO AGENT and I feel it is not fair to me as they do not attempt to mediate nor intervene a non-functional product.
Please help. thanks

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