Hi Eric. I haven’t been able to buy directly from …

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Hi Eric. I haven’t been able to buy directly from Taobao in months because it keeps saying that the same card I’ve always used has expired. I’ve almost everything with no success. I tried using a different search engine, I contacted my own bank, I contacted Taobao customer service but they told me to contact Alipay but the link they sent didn’t work, I tried to re-link my debit card to my Alipay account again but it won’t even let me do that either because it is foreign! I absolutely have no idea what the problem is. Please help? 🙁

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I attempted to use the Jcex customer service message center but it gave me this message “正在与云客服建立通讯..

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Hello Eric. I’ve been tracking my order using the taobao website and JCEX tracking ever since I paid the shipping price on 11-04-16. From 11-06-16 to 11-11-16, my package didn’t move at all while it was in New York. I knew something was wrong and that there was some kind of delay becuase my taobao pacakges usually only stay in new york usps facilities for about 2-3 days before it arrives in my home state of Tennessee. When I went to go check the tracking on the JCEX Aftership website this morning, it said that my parcel had arrived in New Jersey, but it had a red message that read ” Execption – Unsendable, paperwork missing/incorrect”. What should I do? I don’t know who to contact for more information. Will my package be sent back to China? Please help. This package contains very important things. Thank you.

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Hi Eric! I recently sent you a message explaining this issue but I decided to comment also. Last night all of my items except one arrived at the warehouse and when i went to check the freight settlement the shipping was a whopping 178 yuan for a parcel that weighed 1.816 kg. I’ve purchased from Taobao 3 times now with no issues and the last parcel order i made weighed 2.5 kg and the shipping was only 156 yuan. Also, the first 1.0 kg price has suddenly jumped from 85 yuan to 90 yuan since yesterday. Also, instead of the usual 22 yuan per 0.5 it is now apprently 44 yuan. My attempts to get in contact with a customer service representive has been unsuccessful. I tried to use the live chat option you listed here on your blog but it said that it was unavailable. I also tried to use the smart robot self help option but it said it didn’t recognize my questions. PLEASE HELP.