Hi, i want to start buyin from taobao, im in …

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hi, i want to start buyin from taobao, im in canada, i had created an account a while ago usin my phone number and the code they send but it wouldnt let me buy stuff it would just tell em to log in even tho i was logged in. but bc i dont have a password bc i always use the phone number and code i decided to create a password which i managed to do and they also sent me code to my phone number but when i was entering the code i typed one digit wrong and then did it right but then it was sayin they froze my account :c i read in another post of people sayin to use alipay so they can verify your id and account to get your accoutn unfrozen and if that takes too long i can call costumer service for em to id me faster and unfreeze my account. do u know if these 2 methods work? also ive heard shippin on taobao is expensive im in canada and the only things im mostly interested in searchin/buyin are small doll clothes which dont weight much and are small (i already use aliexpress for that but taobao has more products) do u think shippin would be a lot for that type of items? and if buyin multiple things like that from same seller does it combine shipping or do ive to contact the sellers for that? sorry for so many questions. i just wanna know the most i can before i try to reacitvate my account if its even worth the trouble

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