Hi Eric, Could you help me, please? I lost my …

Comment on How to Change Your Mobile Number on Taobao by Lucila Sillva.

Hi Eric,

Could you help me, please? I lost my mobile number and I have not more access for that number, how can I access my account? Could I change my mobile number in my account without to access that account?


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Comment on How To Buy Directly From Taobao:The Complete Guide

Hi Eric ,

Could u please help me to buy in a different Taobao? It is 2.Taobao, this website is to used items, I would like to buy some vintage items and I am trying to buy there is more of 1 month and nobody seem to know how this website work, some people said for me that I need to bid like in Ebay , another ones said that I can buy directly, but nobody really knows how this 2.Taobao work . If u have any idea of as this website work, could u please do a step by step for me? If u does not , not worried is not a problem. Anyway, I wanted just to say that ur blog is just amazing and very easy to understand. Thank you for u to spend ur time to help us . Big kiss . Lú

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