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Hi, Is shipping children story book not allowed? If not …

Comment on 36 Things China Taobao Can’t Ship Internationally by Erste.

Is shipping children story book not allowed?

If not allowed, does it mean that I’ll need to buy under Taobao Direct Shipping (官方直送) instead of Consolidated Shipping (集运空运; regardless Air or Sea)? Or both are not accepted and that I’ll need to buy via an agent instead?
Shipping to Australia

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Comment on How to Request a Refund on Taobao


I used “官方直送“ option for 6 boxes of language learning cards and 1 of the box has 20% of the cards faulty. The other 5 boxes are totally fine.
I don’t think it’s economical for me to send it back to China for a return (cards are heavy) and also I really want to use the learning card.

I’m not sure what I should do now. Ask for some compensation in terms of returning me just the portion of the money? if I ask them to ship it out again using “官方直送“, the cost of shipping is bored by me and I don’t want that as it’s expensive.

Is using Aliwangwang to directly contact the seller the best way to ask how they can resolve this?

I saw the option button 投诉商家. What is this used for?

Comment on How To Buy Directly From Taobao:The Complete Guide 2021


I found some Chinese words learning card from Taobao and selected the 官方直送 and taobao website calculated a shipping cost of about RMB160 to ship to Australia

does this mean that the seller will ship out my item directly? and RMB160 is the final shipping price I will pay?

When I ask the seller on Aliwangwang if they ship to Australia (just to be sure they will ship to Australia), they all said no but yet taobao website allows me to checkout. I’m rather confused.

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