I have alr paid direct shipping and bought a mirror …

Comment on 36 Things China Taobao Can’t Ship Internationally by Petrina.

I have alr paid direct shipping and bought a mirror from taobao to be sent to singapore. However after 2 weeks, I checked on the update of the product and realised that it was not updated. It only said the shop have packed it already and awaiting delivery service to pick up. When I contacted the shop, it mentioned it was already with the delivery service and it needed to be checked? The shop also mentioned that it cannot be sent to singapore unless I contact a company to ship it for me. I tried adding another of their product to my cart and there’s this yellow label at the bottom that says “ 此商品不支持在当前地区销售” which means it cannot even be directly shipped to SG is it?

The link to the product is here 【淘宝】https://m.tb.cn/h.UwII4VJ?tk=RFYxdMCK9MY CZ3457 「亚克力软镜子粘贴穿衣镜全身自粘贴墙家用试衣镜卧室镜面镜片墙贴」
点击链接直接打开 或者 淘宝搜索直接打开

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