How to Extend the Payment Period in Taobao?

Taobao system will automatically confirm the reception of goods after a certain period of time depending on the product category. The payment will be released to the seller. If the confirmation deadline is approaching but you have not received your goods, you may extend the deadline when there are only 3 days left.

1. The procedure is as illustrated below:

Go to “My Taobao” – “Purchased Items”, find your order and click to view the details(订单详情).

Choose “Delay time of receipt(延迟收货时间).”


  1. For secured trading of physical items (such as physical tickets), with the condition that the seller has already dispatched the goods, the buyer may extend the delivery confirmation deadline when there are only 3 days left.
  2. For secured trading of physical items, you may request to extend the delivery confirmation deadline only once, and for an extension of 3 days.
  3. For virtual trading (excluding auto delivery and reloads), with the condition that the seller has already sent out the goods, the buyer may extend the delivery confirmation deadline when there are only 1 day left.
  4. For virtual trading, you may request to extend the delivery confirmation deadline only once, and for an extension of 1 day.

2. Can i still request a refund after payment has been released to the taobao seller?

yes,you can still claim a refund by click “申请售后” or open a dispute by clicking”投诉卖家”

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21 thoughts on “How to Extend the Payment Period in Taobao?”

  1. I have send item and buyer confirm me on WeChat he received and checking
    But not acknowledge in taobao that he received. For that payment yet not released.
    What can I do ?

  2. I ordered something that needs a deposit and the deposit was taken. It says I need to confirm the receipt but I forgot my alipay payment password. If I let time run out will I be okay? I have let time run out for my previous items but they did not require a deposit like this item and everything was fine from the same seller.

  3. Hi Eric,
    I have taobao shop and sell products from overseas to china market,.
    after shipment, the time pop up 10 day automatically, and its not enough.
    how can i change it to 15 days for all my further shipment?

    1. I found some answers on the Internet, the confirmation time is related to the shipping method seller chooses.

      If the shipping method is EMS, the automatic order confirmation time is 15 days; if the shipping method is express, the automatic order confirmation time is 10 days; if the shipping method is surface mail, the automatic order confirmation time is 30 days.

  4. Hi eric.. I had bought some items and i’m waiting for second payment… Those items still handling trade but when i click the view logistics it’s showed those items were in warehouse…

    I don’t get it why it’s still handling trade and at the same time it showed at the warehouse

    I’m worried because the free period fees it’s about to ends

  5. I brought 8 items and 4 has already been confirmed , but I still haven’t got anything. I still have a few days left for the other 4 items. I don’t know if I should keep waiting cuz I think everything should arrive under 1 parcel or I should open a dispute. How many days can I open a dispute after its confirmation.

  6. Hi Eric. I already combine item and pay the shipping for my item at warehouse. I already put my address for shipping. But when I want to pay with credit card my connection have a problem. So I just cancel it and try to pay tomorrow.

    But when I check again, all my item at my warehouse already gone. Maybe all the item already been set for the shipping and waiting for my payment. I want to ask.. how to pay the shipping payment? thank you.

  7. Hello Eric, I would like to extend the time of the receipt but I had 2 more days before auto pay to the seller and right now my goods is under customs clearance and release pending, due of the RMB festival before this my goods stuck in the warehouse about 10 days.. any advice that you can help me

  8. Hi Eric, I have some problems to confirms receipt in Taobao. The item has already arrived, but I can’t confirm receipt because I forgot my payment password (I asked my friend to pay for the item) and my phone number is disabled. What will happen if I don’t confirm the received?

  9. hi eric , i had purchase abt 21 item and most of the item is 3d puzzle n nanoblock (come with packing box as well) and some clothing , is there anyway that i can ask the forwarder to repackage all the item into 1parcel so that i won’t need to pay much of the shipping fee? or what can i do to reduce the shipping fee

  10. Hey Eric, ive had some items in the warehouse for around 10 or so days now and the button I would usually hit to pay the second shipping fee to ship my items from the warehouse to America has been replaced by a button that reads “evaluation”. Did i lose these items or is there still a way to pay for the second shipping in the warehouse. Thank you

  11. hi Eric, i already press the “extend the time of receipt”延迟收货时间, and there is a message saying “您可以在离超时结束还剩最后3天时,申请延长确认收货时间
    so i press this 关闭 but nothing happened. Can you please tell me how to do this? i really appreciate your reply. thank you!

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