Yes, you are right. …

Comment on How to Request a Refund on Taobao by Eric.

yes, you are right.

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Comment on How to Request a Refund on Taobao

it takes some days to return to your bank account,maybe you can check later.

Comment on How to Request a Refund on Taobao


Comment on How to Request a Refund on Taobao

yes, you need to pay for the shipping fee from SG to China.

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Comment on Taobao International Shipping: Everything You Need To Know

I’ve described the whole process in this post, consolidated shipping will ship all orders to a warehouse in China, where they will be packed and weighed, and then shipped to your country.
The advantage is that shipping fee is cheaper, but of course the whole process takes a bit longer than direct shipping.

Comment on How to Buy From As a Foreigner (Full Guide 2024)

try read their feedbacks and seller ratings.

Comment on Your Guide to 1688 Account Setup, Verification, Linking Alipay

try it on desktop.

Comment on Guide to Taobao Dropshipping Program & Taobao API

only global distributor can have access to taobao api.

Comment on Pandabuy and Wegobuy were raided by the police for selling and shipping fake and replicas

Thanks for your suggestion, this industry is undergoing big changes, I will watch it for a while then update this post.

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