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I create a taobao account using Alipay and couldn’t get …

Comment on How to Contact Taobao Customer Service by Anli.

I create a taobao account using Alipay and couldn’t get it and it’s already frozen. I don’t have another number to create one. I tried contacting the customer service but there always a robot answering. I just want them to delete that account so I can create a new with the same phone number

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Comment on How to Register A Taobao Account In 2020

If I create a taobao account in “world taobao” can I use it here in China? I try creating one in the Chinese page but when I get to the bank settings they say my card number is incorrect, that are left one digit

Comment on Alipay Account Verification for Foreign Users

I already create a account in Alipay so try creating a taobao account using Alipay but when I’m going to log in in taobao, it says “该账户已被限制登录” (The account has been restricted from logging in)
How can it be solved? Should I have done first the identity verification and then try creating the taobao account?

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