Hi! My seller split a parcel into two packages, both …

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Hi! My seller split a parcel into two packages, both sent via ZTO Express. They sent me the second parcel’s tracking number via chat.

+ May I please know if I have to contact Taobao customer service to let them know two parcels are coming?
+ Or is there a place where I can input the second tracking number?
+ Will the seller have to input the second tracking number themselves?
+ Or will both parcels be automatically consolidated under the order number?

I’m sorry for so many questions! Thank you for your help!

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Hi Eric!

Has Taobao started using a different China to Singapore cross-border freight forwarder other than Dex International? Is there a way to track a CNSGS or CNSGR number on a site other than Taobao itself?

My situation:
I used to be able to track my CNSGS or CNSGR number on the dex-i tracking website. But in the past few months, I cannot see any updates on their website. It says 没找到有关信息 or “No Record found” when I search for the number. I also tried inputting the LP00 number (can’t find as well).

I’ve tried using the Cainiao tracking website, no record found there too. I’ve also tried third party tracking sites like 17track, parcelsapp and trackingmore. Parcel can’t be seen on anything.

Usually, when a CNSGS number is created after I pay for international consolidation and Taobao starts the International shipment process, I can see it on the SingPost website and it used to say something like information received. But now, the SingPost website says Item not found in the system.

Now, I can only see the package moving on the Taobao tracking page. Once it reaches Singapore, the SingPost website says “Received at Processing Facility”. Then SpeedPost delivers it a few days later.

I’m worried I can’t see my item from the time it left China to the time it reaches Singapore (eg. leaving borders, received at customs, clear customs, delivered over to SingPost) and so on.

Is there a different site to use to track? Thank you very much for listening!

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