What is Taobao Vip Membership?

Taobao VIP is a membership grading system offering exclusive discount and priviledge to loyal members who has a accumulated purchase to a specific amount.

how does taobao rate the vip membership level?

Taobao vip membership has 7 levels (from V0- V6). membership levels determined by the “growth points”.

taobao vip

Growth point is calculated from the accumulated amount of money you spend on taobao, For example, if your total purchase amount is $500 RMB, then your growth point is 500.

Taobao has a daily cap for growth points.for example,if you are V3,you spend 7,500 yuan today,you will only get 5000 points because the daily cap for V3 is 5000.

How do I know my VIP level?

this is address to check your taobao vip level and your total growth points:


How do I find the discounts?

you don’t have to do anything,it will automatically calculate the discount.

in the example below,the item price is ¥233.16 for V1-V3 taobao member,¥227.80 for V4-V6.my level is V4,so the item price for me is ¥227.80 which save me ¥40.2.

taobao vip discount

How much can I save?

The discount is based on your “Taobao vip membership level”. Example, some shops might offer special discounts for V2-V4 users. When you first sign up on Taobao, your V-level is V0.

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3 thoughts on “What is Taobao Vip Membership?”

  1. Hi Eric,

    This is a great guide for TaoBao.
    It would be really helpful if you also explained how Tmall vip discounts work.
    With google translate not able to translate images I can’t get my head around how the points are calculated for Tmall.

    Thanks in advance,


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