Comment on How to Return the Goods from Warehouse to Taobao Seller? by Phuc Yan.

Hi, I have contacted zhongshan many many times about a package that they weighed at 8.560kg when the true weight is only 260g and is very very small in volume. They said they notified the team for weight verification but its been 3 weeks now and this is what they keep replying to me on the chat which I don’t understand the meaning of.
广东中山速递:小苹果 2017-7-9 22:26:36

yanphuc 2017-7-9 14:20:51


They said they notified the warehouse but still nothing what do I have to do???

广东中山速递:小苹果 2017-7-1 22:27:34
719834987672 此订单已经通知仓库核实重量

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